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Elysia, Istari and Hellknight, Assault FFXI

Don’t ask about the title… i’m still giggling…

I think i forgot to mention in my last post (and how it could have slipped my mind is a mystery to me) but i lost my argus ToD while i was up in sky one night. I almost wept when i realized what had happened, i kept another char down there with widescan to periodically check if he was up to at least keep up ToD if i couldn’t claim him but i must have missed it. The worst part is i stayed up literally all night waiting for it to pop since the window closed at 9:30am. and i made someone else stay up with me and then felt terrible because it had popped hours ago. i was very upset.

but since the thief re-gearing is currently in full swing i know i have to go back there soon. so far i’ve been putting it off because i know how much i hate it, and when i mentioned needing to go back there soon, Jet told me ‘I don’t like that Ely’ which made me laugh pretty hard XD i guess all the late nights made me a little bitchy :3

When i say i’m re-gearing thief i’m actually doing pretty well so far! I bought my blau (again, and no i won’t sell it this time) and i got the n.hands abj in sky last weekend! 300k cursed item for them is a little depressing but i did it anyways^^ so now its mostly just things that are going to take time to aquire, like more heca and homam and argus….. oh and saving coins for brutal. i’m at like, 30 lol so that will be a while. actually the worst part is i have to start re-doing my thf macros and i hate making macros >< i tried to talk kyle into making them for me, but that didn’t really work out for me.

I’ve been getting some comments on my Para 2 lately, good comments. it procs a lot and has been coming in really useful with alot of things i’ve been doing on rdm lately. which leaves me wondering…. i have been pretty confused on how to spend my rdm tier 2 merits, currently with 1 merit in slow 2, para 2 and phal 2 because i didnt know where i wanted to spend them. lately i was thinking of dropping phal (since for most end game or harder events i’m usually on blm anyways) and going for slow and para. but then i wonder, if para 2 is already doing so well then can two more merits really improve it that noticeably? and i’m not sure. currently when i’m casting para (with whm sub since thats what i’ve been using mostly) i sit at 327 enfeebling skill paired with 70+40 mnd. if that means anything at all.

Leveling smn is going pretty well^^ been staticing it with jet(nin) samno(thf) and jeirra(rdm) which is nice because i pretty much just buff and throw out a cure or two as opposed to the usual main healing you do on smn. i just hit 52 and the only trouble i’ve had so far is with af, i have everything done except the stupid temple of uggalepih coffer which clearly hates me. the worst part is i have to get someone else to take me because i stand no chance of opening gates and doors without aggroing, let alone getting past the stupid doll that gaurds the one door. so HK has been taking me and so far no luck, not only no luck but last time i actually managed to almost get him killed and then i would have cried. so far every time i’ve gone it’s been up (well i assume) behind the door where the sacrifical chamber is and last time i got killed while we were trying to get a key to get back there and i said forget it! but i’ll be bugging HK to take me again soon :) so if you’re reading this, run quick!

Since our static is hovering in the 50ish area we decided to go subligar farming the other day in the aquaducts! i always think subligar farming is fun, idk why, but when we went this time we went on some ridiculous streak of i think 7/8 drops on subligar. it took us longer to get there then it did to farm everyone the subligar they wanted. Well when we were finished farming someone (and i don’t know who it could have been >.>) said ‘well hey we’re done anyways, lets fight eba!’ well our poor little taru blu got smoked on the first Grim Halo and we actually were doing really well, jet was kiting like a pro while the bst and i (thf) chased it and ws it when it would stop to cast. and then suddenly things went horribly wrong…. the whm and rdm got killed on another Grim Halo and we started dropping like flies… i was the last one standing (lol thf) and eba was at 2%, i PD’d to try and make myself last longer, but i just couldn’t do enough damage to her. if only a lvl 40 thf had something useful to do with their tp (viper bite…) i could have had her!

The other day i was bored and had no events going on and no one that needed any help, which is very rare to have a free night. so i got invited to tag along to watch (and help a little but not really) HK’s ls kill jailers. i was excited to see because i’ve never even seen a jailer let alone fight one and he asked me to come on whm (the easiest job yay) but i ended up actually being put in the alliance which almost gave me a panic attack because i’m really shy and i’m not very confident when i’m around alot of players i don’t know. i mean its just white mage, i can’t screw up that badly, but still i was nervous. but it was alot of fun to see something i’d never seen before and i’m glad i got invited^^

Last night i felt really useless helping with an ISNM… its a pudding thats not very squishy to magic. and when i say not very squishy, i mean ES + Burst 2 + sorcerer’s tonban + lightning obi + lightning day + uggy pendant = 450 dmg… but we won and got an ore, which was what we wanted and i was glad^^ it was a trio effort and we tried to duo a second run but he kicked our butts :(

sch is going slowly, gonna hit 30 in this party that i should be paying attention too instead of blogging..

I got up reallllllllly early the other day to log samno in and kill that stupid mnk ochu for him for his brown belt quest, but now sadly i think he’s abandoning the mnk because of bad luck with mee deggi :( and i helped muni get his jelly ring and parade gorget for his pld!! i was nervous about both, although kyle told me if i couldn’t solo jelly ring nm on rdm he’d disown me, for some reason i thought that nm was hard >.> but jelly ring popped after first ph killed and parade gorget dropped on second pop. so at least it was easy^^

well back to paying attention to these mandys!! i hate killing them, they’re so cute…
oh yeah one more thing…. nyzul assault makes me a sad panda

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