paranoia, paranoia, everybody’s coming to get me

maybe not the everybody coming to get me, but i’m definitely one paranoid little girl sometimes… why do you think that is?

This stupid thing just ate my whole post, so now i have to start all over lol *angry face*

Luckily i happen to have my own personal dj right now^^ so all this good music is putting me in the mood to re-write^^

Some of you may not know, but i have a little bit of a quirk about my job levels… a little ocd.. it’s endearing i’m sure.. but i can’t stand to look at my job list and see the levels at anything but 1-37-75. so right now my free time project is getting sch to 37! sch is an awful awful awful job, well to 37 it is anyways. i can sort of heal if i have to and i can sort of nuke if i have to but a rdm can sort of do both of those things better and a whm or a blm could so them about a million times better. maybe once you get into some of the scholar specific stuff it isn’t as bad, but i’ll have to take peoples words on that because i don’t have any intention of finding out. So far the only thing that has made leveling it up tolerable is the fact that all that power leveling i’ve done for my friends in the past is being repaid to me. Muni and Ren have spent so much of their time babysitting me through the dunes and qufim. they’re such good friends.

and i call it baby sitting because that’s exactly what it is now. its next to impossible to find a self sustaining party below level 30 anymore. Most people show up with about two gear slots filled, sub jobs that are gimped or useless (although the fact that some of have sub jobs at all is cause for thanks) and little to no understanding of what their job entails (read: the pld who won’t use provoke because it’s a warrior ability). I don’t spend any of my time trying to explain or reason with people i just show up, hope i get some xp and move along. but when i join the party and hear ‘sure i can tank but i never bought the utsusemi spell’ i just sigh. and i get to do this again with blu once sch hits 37! wheeee!

I’ve been helping out with Promys again, for a couple people in the ls, Ren, B, and Ben’s second character. its been going slow but well so far, except that we lost holla the other night. lost one of my astral flows to that stupid sleep and curse move the boss does. but i don’t mind helping out with CoP missions again, i find its much less stressful when i’m not the one who needs them, no worrying about missing a cs or anything lol.

Kyle and I have been killing Big Bomb for money, which so far hasn’t turned out to be the awesome idea i thought it was going to be. It takes forever to get out there, which is ok but we go with him nin/thf and me rdm/whm and my other char on whm. so the first time we went out we were there all night, we got three pops but went 0/3 on the nm. it really frustrated us and was discouraging but we tried it again later, and we took a thf friend with us and did manage to get one bomblet within a couple hours. but then it took forever to sell and even got returned to me once. but its still the best idea i have for making money. which i need. unless someone is like ‘oh here’s a blau i don’t need, do you need it?’ also there’s birthdays coming up you know *evil grin*

We made an attempt at popping ix’aern mnk but it was kind of doomed from the start, we got half way there and had to go back for late comers then when we got there the first one went really well but we had some linking and we ended up wiping, i hope we take another shot at it tho^^

Not too much new in the everyday sort of thing that goes on, dynamis is dynamis, limbus is limbus, sky is sky, assault is assault. well we did manage to get to floor 80 the other night! and here’s a big suprise! no drop off the boss!! well the first night we tried to get to floor 80 we got this stupid qiqirn boss on floor 79 that just ran all over the place and chucked bombs at us while he laughed and so we had to cash out. but the second night went really well, only we didnt get a drop. that makes us 0/8 or 9 on nyzul bosses too. that’s pretty lame. and we’ve only ever gotten one good nm appraisal i think too which was kung fu shoes, or some of those mnk kick shoes anyways. One of the floors last night glitched for me too and i was locked in the starting area, all the doors were shut and locked for me, even though i could see everyone else running through them. So they had to pull all the mobs back to me and it was pretty funny to see serket just materialize through the wall.

i’ve picked smn back up too^^ thanks to jetty’s awesome xmas gift of austure gear for me and another awesome present i got of the cape that i wanted and was agonizing over buying. i’m glad i picked smn back up, now i just have to start recruiting people for yinyang robe camping^^ but its nice to be leveling it with jet and jeirra and ben too, we had fun in garlaige the other night^^

sometimes writing my blog makes me feel inadequate, i dont have fancy math equations to tell you why gear is good or what emnity means, and i don’t have all this awesome gear to post about how my weaponskills do a zillion points of damage. its just my average day to day playing… but i guess if you’re reading this, i cant be that boring ^^

all done for now^^ thank-you to my dj^^

Dead to Zipicna, Elysia FFXI
Muninn, Humor FFXI

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