Merits Merits Merits

This will just be a short little post on all the merits i would need if i were going to really call myself ‘done’ with merits. for all categories and/or jobs. merits are a pretty daunting task for someone with as many jobs as me, and every time that i level something new i find […]

RDM AF2 Sexyness!

*drumroll* it dropped!! i love my rdm body! fast cast is so fast!! i’ve been running around on rdm pretty much all the time since i got this last wednesday and i love it!! you even cast teleports really fast… as i learned the hard way >< so this update is going to have lots […]

LFG on Drk…

The best time to make blog updates seems to be when i’m lfg on drk…. at least then i don’t have to worry about being interrupted.. loldrk so lets see where to start… i gave ely a little makeover, she looks like this now! there’s clipping problems with the hair though, noticeable mostly with the […]

Some more Sidewinder Meritpos!

So I just left what can only be described as the worst party ever on drk. it started when i looked at the party list and noticed our blm main heal… but i’m usually willing to give a party a chance, i’ve had parties before that looked terrible on paper but turned out pretty well. […]

Update after the Maintenance…

I think i’ll make a post today and shame jet. So yesterday was a big maitanence and update, which means we can look forward to a bunch more maitanences while we wait for them to fix everything they broke! Some people were having horrible download times last night, so because we couldn’t do any of […]