LFG on Drk…

The best time to make blog updates seems to be when i’m lfg on drk…. at least then i don’t have to worry about being interrupted.. loldrk

so lets see where to start… i gave ely a little makeover, she looks like this now!

Elysia, FFXI Fenrir

Ranger of Elysia, FFXI Fenrir

there’s clipping problems with the hair though, noticeable mostly with the rdm and blm hats… luckily i play those jobs all the time! so idk if i’ll be able to keep it like this

As i said, drk hasn’t exactly been speeding along, and i’ve gotten alot more bad parties than good ones. the other night i joined a party with double sch healers, but a war/nin tank… they died twice just trying to get to the beetle camp in crawler’s nest! when we were finally all gathered and unweak at the camp, i died about fifteen seconds in to the first mob… i never even buffed or ws, i had about 270 tp when i died because i’d been too scared to ws. shortly after me, the war/nin (who was also the party leader) went down, at which point he hp’d and disbanded the whole party, effectively mpking everyone else who found themselves with an angry beetle and no party members. i suppose its karma for the really good party i had in garlaige that got me from 45-50 in one afternoon… but still!

so since i’ve been having trouble with the party seeking, hk has been helping me a bit if he’s not busy when he gets home from his classes, by pling me on gob pets. the major flaw in this plan being that i’m more or less incapable of pulling a gob pet without aggroing something else in the process which either results in me dying alot, or hk sleeping it and logging in and out alot. i’m still getting really good xp when he helps me out… i just feel like a dork XD plus he always feels really bad when i manage to kill myself..

in gustav, hk had to depop all the bsts because they were too far away to pull, gobby train!

oh one last word on drk… this is buffed with last resort and beserk of course, but i was suprised at level 48-50 i was able to push my attack this high, granted i’m using the weapon with 25 attack on it as well (no food)

ok that was the second last word on drk because i forgot about this

Elysia and Goblin, FFXI Fenrir

it took me three tries to get it, which was lucky because i only brought three pops and in the down time in between i managed to get the map of oldton movopolas that i was missing.

last week was dynamis valkrum, our first cop dynamis in awhile and we hadn’t won it in ages, but we did this time^^ we did awesome! and i got to go on rng which means if you’re reading this you have to look at another ss of awesome sidewinders

Dynamis Valkurm, FFXI Fenrir

i would have been able to get a third ws off on the boss, only i didnt live long enough to get off barrage after the second ws… we got some good drops, blm pld and whm hats -1 and ben got the sam belt, jb got the blm hat which is really cool too^^ only now he can’t store it! what was he thinking?! :p

we finally, finally, finally… got rutters for jeirra and jet!!! we actually went 2/2 on the nm the other night, so grats to them i know they were very happy to get some ws feet!! alvy and i were happy enough to dance!

Elysia and Alvy, FFXI Fenrir

speaking of helping we also went to get muni his blu af hat… which turned out to be way easier than i thought… i heard soulflayer and immediatly thought the worst!

Salvage and Soulflayer, FFXI Fenrir

so i don’t know anything about blu or how good the hat is, but grats to muni on his complete af… now we’re working on another hat for him, we managed to farm up 4 or his ohat eyes in one night, tn’s treasure hunter is nothing to laugh at! i think some other people are needing ohat too, so that will probably be happening soon^^

So i spent a couple days mining in mount zhaylom trying to get some khorama or for HK for his birthday.. i managed to get two in two days, and i know that some of his friends bought him one… then we went and mined together all day yesterday and farmed up three more so he’s getting closer and closer to his salvage body! the problem with mining of course being rmt… but i have to tell you, i have far from the usual problem that people have with them… in hindsight i probably should have screenshotted some of the tells i got but there seems to be two of the miners out there that have been spending far too much time indoors…
rmt>> women?
ely >> (um…)
rmt >> i like you
ely >> thank you?
rmt >> bf (do you need it?)
i’m not even kidding right now, this has happened to me with two of the characters out there… one of them even asked to party with me and tried to add me to friend list.. this seems like unusual behavior doesn’t it? and i’m reasonably sure that they are rmt… /anon under leveled taru (i’ve seen them die and delevel) no gear but mining gear, broken english, out there every day and night and selling the ores that they mine… i mean that sounds to me like they’re rmt! but maybe they just really like mining, who knows?

well i got a party on drk, so off i go! hopefully it won’t suck!<3

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