Some more Sidewinder Meritpos!

So I just left what can only be described as the worst party ever on drk. it started when i looked at the party list and noticed our blm main heal… but i’m usually willing to give a party a chance, i’ve had parties before that looked terrible on paper but turned out pretty well. the first problem occured as we were waiting for our last member to get to camp, and the blu used an aoe mp food. as i fumed and killed myself on the nearest mob to get rid of it, i couldn’t seem to make the mostly jp party understand what my problem was and why i had killed myself, all my auto-translating efforts only resulted in the blu thinking i wanted him to trade me another cake. so ok i raised up and off we went again. now the thf only wanted to pull flies, hard on the blms mp but fine, whatever. the next problem occured when as much as i protested he relentlessly told me to let him sata on me, i guess assuming the pld would keep hate. so finally i told him fine, but the first time i die from this, i’m leaving the party. so three mobs later i was running back to jueno with my flag up again. now i’ll admit i wasn’t making it easy, i was still buffing and ws… but i was annoyed enough already and when i died, he sata’d on me when i had 11 hp. smart guy.

So i got back to meriting a little, i managed to get enough merits to get my dagger up two more levels to 6 so that made me happy. So last night i went ranger to the merit party…

Ranger Mamool'ja Party Elysia FFXI

my damage was good considering i was /nin, i’m not one of those people who parses every party because i need to be the best dd but i was still happy that i seemed to be doing alright, if i was the worst dd in the party thats still pretty good. but the ‘funny’ story was that that was my first party on rng since i’d got my CP arrow back again, and when my demon arrows ran out, i shot it since the ammo swap failed without me noticing. i can’t think of any way, using regular macros to completely fool proof shooting it. and i say with regular macros, because ben reckons he can do it with spellcast, but as i’ve never used that, i’m just saying. i think mine are as close as i can get. losing it would have meant that i just had an unlucky set of circumstances, i would have had to shoot my very last regular arrow, and then buff and ws. its just unfortunate that i didn’t need to shoot one more arrow for tp, or i would have known i was out.

Now, as was pointed out to me ‘surely you must see the humor in this’ and i do obviously, because it keeps happening and i knew it would inevitably happen again. but i’ll tell you this, when you work hard to build up your CP, and wait months for your city to come back into first place, three seconds after you shoot it and lose it, while your friends are holding down their vent buttons solely for the joy of laughing in your face about it… i’m not so much seeing the humor yet. i mean not that i expect people to be falling all over themselves to pat me on the shoulder about it or anything, but i would have felt better if the general pointing and laughing had been kept to a minimum for, oh i don’t know, a minute or two?

but anyways, i was upset but i’m over it. kylex (one of the three people who didn’t make me feel worse about it) thinks i should just stop getting them, and right now i couldn’t get another one anyways, and he’s probably right that i shouldn’t, but i can’t lie, i most likely will.

Speaking of rng, i’ve been getting to use it alot lately, which is good, i love playing rng! merits, limbus, dynamis and even sky gods i got to go as rng. i really appreciated jet letting me try it out and it was fun and really different. XD even though i didnt do as much damage as i would do on blm, i seemed to die way more… maybe the lack of -emn on ranger gear? maybe kirin just doesn’t like being hit in the butt with sharp pointy objects? who knows, but i had fun, even if my buffer suffered a little bit^^

Temenos as Ranger, FFXI Fenrir Elysia

Elysia as Ranger, FFXI Fenrir

Elysia as Ranger for Kirin, FFXI Fenrir

Speaking of limbus, last night was an epic Ultima fight, we went in on lightsday thinking it wouldn’t be so much of a big deal…. fortunately it was the end of lightsday so we didn’t have to suffer long XD not very far in, our tanks started dropping, and i was starting to get a little concerned that we may suffer an early defeat… but we went slowly and recovered… then it started getting a little messy again when the citadel busters started going off… i think we sort of zombied through the last few perecent of the fight.. but we pulled it off with only a few minutes left!! and pretty good drops! two feet and a body! chesh and i won the ffa’s on the feet (grats chesh!! yay me!) and zynthos lotted the body ( grats!) fortunatly for zyn, its not a skin baring belly top on a taru… but maybe he’d like that? o.o
oh, also i got hit with the terror move as i was trying to med, and got caught in a weird position..

Cheshire, Elysia and Kalessin, FFXI Fenrir

Elysia FFXI Fenrir

as far as the rest of limbus, i’ve still been hoping for the blm side i need so i can finish with an af set.. but i’m not even sure which side the silk drops from, i’m not overly concerned but hopefully we’ll see some more soon, i know at least one other person needs that side as well^^

Elysia got Astral Flowed, FFXI Fenrir

astral flowed…..

after an incident in our dynamis ls (dynamis still no rdm body, ely is teh sad)
i tried to take the same attitude in limbus as someone had taken in dynamis.. it didn’t really work out for me though!

Elysia was kicked from the linkshell group, FFXI Fenrir

sky has been going alright! people have been slowly picking up what they need, i think ben is all done with things he needs from sky, huggs and nick got some fast pants, for going fast, chesh got some rng hands for 75 XD and a helmet for pld that makes his ears look funny. jet got some kote for nin hp maybe? i don’t know what nin use kote for. and an n.body dropped which is good for me because that means someone got moved out of line. i’m not really sure who i’ll be waiting for next or lotting against or anything like that, but its nice that the line is moving anyways :)

some interesting screens from sky farming… jet dying too close to me!

Elysia and Jetre Dead, FFXI Fenrir

and my awesome (unintentional :( ) magicburst on an aura statue

Elysia and BLM, FFXI Fenrir

Our static finally hit 71! Yinyang robe! joy! i’ve also been trying out subbing sch since we don’t have a refresher in our static, combined with elemental siphon its working out really well! i’m getting an average of about 210-220 back from each ability, and it’s keeping me from resting very much at all. i can’t wait until these jobs hit 75! i’ll like having my smn at 75 and i know jet is loving ninja. i’m not too sure about how the rest of the static feels about the jobs they’re leveling, but they must like them if they took them this high, so i’m sure we’ll all be happy to be up at 75, but to be honest, once we’re done, i’ll miss staticing together :(

Elysia as Summoner, FFXI Fenrir

i see in the poll that smn has won the vote (well theres ten hours left but i’m suprised enough that there’s 14 votes) and probably thats what i will switch too. its funny i really want the rdm body and i won’t switch off until i get it, but when i’m leveling something new and exciting i can’t wait to switch and start getting pieces for it! lol

oh, we found one of the new nm’s in the wotg and killed it, i think the day after the update!

Hellknight obtains an ecphoria ring, FFXI Fenrir

there was quite a few people camping there when we got it, but i’m happy that hk got his ring^^

just to make one last thing clear before i end this post, as pissed as i was after that merit party, i love my friends and i’m sure they weren’t trying to be malicious.. however, knowing this wouldn’t have stopped me from kicking them in the face last night XD <3

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