RDM AF2 Sexyness!


Elysia and RDM AF2, FFXI Fenrir

it dropped!! i love my rdm body! fast cast is so fast!! i’ve been running around on rdm pretty much all the time since i got this last wednesday and i love it!! you even cast teleports really fast… as i learned the hard way ><

so this update is going to have lots of pics to make up for the lack of real content… i’ve switched my dynamis lot to smn, since it won the poll and all, which hit 75! we xp’d just long enough in our last static session to get my level and i got a nice buffer the next day in campaign. i actually get a ton of campaign points on smn since my heals and buffs hit everyone around as long as they have tags, as well as all the npcs! my smn magic is about 12 levels from cap, but i’m hoping to catch a besieged or two soon that i can go get it capped in. the standing around summoning and releasing tactic doesn’t really do it for me >.>

Elysia and Titan, FFXI Fenrirs

(lol dead jet)

Elysia and Carbuncle SMN, FFXI Fenrir

Elysia and FFXI SMN FFXI Fenrir

my biggest problem is not being sure right now what i should wear on my head and feet. i don’t have af+1 yet for the feet so my options until i get relic or the af upgrade are regular af, rostrums or nashira feet… i’ve been going with the nashira. and i’ve been wearing the zenith crown and swapping out for the austure hat for blood pacts. so hopefully thats good smn strategy!

We finally had some good luck in UO!! in five runs we picked up three ni’s and a pcc! grats go to jet on the pcc, although now i can’t tease him about having a gimp neck anymore D:

Elysia and Sunset after BCNM, FFXI Fenrir
Elysia FFXI Fenrir

Jet is having so much fun with his newly 75 ninja that we decided to try an enm called Holy Cow, we lost our first try, but it was just an unlucky mistake, and we did really well considering your first try is usually a learning experience! jet was doing great with his casting and melee and ninjutsu until an unlucky double attack took him out, i thought we were done for but i kited the big ugly thing back to the start and bound him, then two houred to raise jet and kited him around like a pro while we waited on weakness! unfortunately that things builds up quite the resistance to bind and i ended up dying before weakness wore and we ran out of time.. but i’m sure next time we’ll get it!! ps. jet did a great job!!

Jormungand, FFXI Fenrir

Elysia and Apis, FFXI Fenrir

on our way out, we decided to stop by and check ‘our’ nm, which as usual, gave us absolutely nothing…

along with the enm, which i rarely do :( i also tried a isnm, which i *think* i did try once before, but if i did i’m sure it went nowhere near as well as this time.. i tagged along for the puk one, which we destroyed in less than two and half minutes each time.. sadly only one person picked up a khroma ore, which is the only thing worth getting from that isnm

Elysia, DuckHUNT and Calignous, FFXI Fenrir

the other way to get khroma ore is mining… but i’ve been told no one wants to read about that <3

Elysia and Cerberus, FFXI Fenrir

another ohat run was a smashing success, four pretty hats for those who needed and in record time i might add!

Hakutaku, FFXI Fenrir Elysia

a couple of us got there a little early and noticed the bomb core nm up on widescan, we headed over and he was unclaimed so we killed him and lucky us got the drop! i bought out the other two for it since i’ll be needing it on drk soon, and even tho they offered to let me buy it very cheap, i felt way too guilty XD

Elysia, Bomb, FFXI Fenrir

another item picked up for drk (eventually) is a fire bomblet! kyle jet and i went to farm ourselves some up, but we haven’t exactly been lucky with it, and we’re still one short of all getting one ; ; it was really nice of kyle to pass for me, even tho i can only use it on thf for now and he could use it on thf and nin :) but i’m sure he knows that we will get him one soon!^^ the fight is definitely not without its perils, and even the mobs that drop the pop item can take us out pretty regularly!

Elysia and Assault, FFXI Fenrir

Elysia and Assault, FFXI Fenrir

not too much else happening, i’ll leave off with some ss of dyna and a skillup party that i call ‘fun with plastic surgeon’ as well as the obligatory ‘zomg crazy sidewinder’ ss! <3

Elysia and Hellknight, FFXI Fenrir

Elysia and Skilling up at Boyahda Tree, FFXI Fenrir

Sidewinder, Elysia Ranger, FFXI Fenrir

Elysia and Ranger, FFXI Fenrir

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