Update after the Maintenance…

I think i’ll make a post today and shame jet.

So yesterday was a big maitanence and update, which means we can look forward to a bunch more maitanences while we wait for them to fix everything they broke! Some people were having horrible download times last night, so because we couldn’t do any of the things we’d normally do, i went around to do some of the new things! First thing was to go around and collect all the new gate crystals from the past. they were easy enough to find, but we had a run in with thenick in pashow, which led to a dance off!

after tn and hk danced at each other for a bit, i declared them tied in fail and we continued on our post-update adventuring.

After the gate crystals we made a trip to buy the new ninja sneak from kazahm! with the AH busted we headed to windy to buy some mats for making tools from the guild, but unfortunatly we weren’t the only ones with that idea and about 90 people were camping for the guild to open, but we crafted up a few tools to get through until it dies down a bit.

we also quested the new blm warp spell and i quested the whm teles, all of these ‘quests’ are really just running back and forth alot and i would have rather just bought from a vendor or something, but hey its done now^^

while i was running around doing the quests though, i found this little lyco npc that had this little white light shining in front of it, so i talked to it and i got a short little cs and a message that ‘the smell of flowers and an image of your surroundings have been burned into your memory’ or something along those lines, nothing else happened and i have no idea what that was for…

Well i finished up dnc to 37, and i was gonna take it further but then i thought about how i would never ever use it if i leveled it and decided to pick something else to level, but one thing worth mentioning while i was leveling dnc was my three hour pld quadav fight! and by three hours i mean like 10 min, but it kept curing itself and took a very long time to kill!

Muninn and Elysia, FFXI Fenrir

so instead of leveling dnc, i picked drk… ’cause i’ll use that all the time am i right? it’s going ok so far! well it’s alot of fun to level but the waiting for party is never fun. i was thinking maybe *maybe* about trying sch again now that they’ve changed it up a bit, but i’m sure everyone else on the server is thinking that too, so i’d like to finish drk first! i’m level 40, riding out to a party in CN as we speak… the only thing about drk is that i’ve never leveled a heavy dd job before, so i had to get HK to make me a list of gear i should buy! thanks HK! <3

Hellknight and Elysia, FFXI Fenrir

summoner is up to 69 so thats exciting, i can’t wait for 71 really and my yy robe but we don’t really get much time to xp with the different time zones, peoples jobs, and the other things people want to do in game or events we have. but its alot of fun when we do get to xp! and i got smn relic hands from basty ffa (rofltoss) with my awesome lot to beat someone else’s 940^^

i used some of my money to buy my thf a DH and then i got thf macros! i didn’t make thf macros… but someone did… and i got them…. thanks again hk ._. lol

we’ve been trying to get rutter’s for some people, which is going awesome…. only not. there has been some bad luck with air tanks and we’ve gone 0/3 on the nm so far… but on the bright side, it is fun to watch a taru tank that thing!

Elysia and Thenick, FFXI Fenrir

Here’s something i forgot to post in my last update… dyna xarc…

i have the worst luck….

well this is a short post for sure but it hasn’t been that exciting since last time^^ and i had to post something so jet would feel bad about not posting yet :) don’t forget to vote on what af i should get^^ two beauc this month.. i’m bound to get my body right?

Elysia and Bubian, FFXI Fenrir

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