Tanked Mai LBC for 25 Robe!

Mai tanking the LBC for Mai Robe! An Unexpected LBC. Tonight was like ugh… well no events so I kinda like waited for Salvage… but when Salvage comes, I was like um… nobody was on so didn’t feel like going. Look again and Slycer/Cloud both didn’t feel like going so I was like ugh… I […]

Rukenshin was defeated by Mikichan.

Rukenshin was defeated by Mikichan.

He is soft >.>b

Arcrist & LS Trip being Planned!

Before I continue, I’d like to gratz stinking Galka and cutie Etain for their Salvage body piece! (now where’s mines ._.) Sorry but I just love whatever’s on a Taru more. Non-taru gtfo! Meeting with Arcrist Richtree – Market Restaurant So yesterday, I met up with this Taru Arcrist, who is also in the same […]

Login Verification (Account Security)

Securing your Membership Info! Somepage is fuked again So like if you read the BG… you’d notice there are people getting hacked again. Our famous Somepage exploit is back. You can read more about it on BG. There’s even a thread on BG regarding trojans on Dynamis websites. Also it looks clean but.. here it […]

POL Viewer is Retarded…

So I was doing a routine PW change for one of my alts. It asks for a 1-15char. I put it 16.. I didn’t realize it was 16 until I submitted. But you know what? POL accepted the shitty password =_=; But when you login, it only accepts 15 characters. So I tried… 1-15 2-16 […]