Tanked Mai LBC for 25 Robe!

Morrigan Robe, FFXI, Fenrir, Maiev, Samurai Tank

Mai tanking the LBC for Mai Robe!

An Unexpected LBC.

Tonight was like ugh… well no events so I kinda like waited for Salvage… but when Salvage comes, I was like um… nobody was on so didn’t feel like going. Look again and Slycer/Cloud both didn’t feel like going so I was like ugh… I don’t wanna call cells =_=; I really didn’t wanna go.. but helping others and 2% “closer to a next priority bump” [posi] was kinda motivating so I was like okay … I’ll go help Bhaflau rampart farm… its kinda easy anyway!

Turns out there was too many showed up. With MB not popping and not even doing 2nd or 3rd.. we kinda went straight to LBC. With the lack of tanks, I was tanking too ‘.’!

& YAY! Mai 25 Robe dropped :) It was suppose to be Slycer but he… needs to sleep early for an Interview so… its one of those impossible situation :3 where he can’t show up :x (Its also my 1st aviation lesson tomorrow :O, but I guess flying isn’t as important as an interview)

Why every guy should buy their GF Wii Fit!

Regardless, Mai 25 Robe :))

Hay Jackalman, Ingots
Hay Etain, Ingots
Hay AH, lower the price for those damn Ingots!

Just for a laugh too, watch the video on the right lawl!

Funny part…. this is what happened after, quote from author.

Sorry guys… got on Digg front page and well… my girlfriend found out and she’s a tiny bit upset. I thought it was cute and it was actually done with good intentions if she ever doubted how hot she is.

3 Responses to “Tanked Mai LBC for 25 Robe!”

  1. Jowah says:

    Gratzu nub!

  2. Jackalman says:

    Grats again on finishing it up w/ the 15 last night, Mai. I’ll be farming my butt off to repay you for those last 2 ingots.

  3. Classicred says:

    :O! Grats~!


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