Arcrist & LS Trip being Planned!

Before I continue, I’d like to gratz stinking Galka and cutie Etain for their Salvage body piece! (now where’s mines ._.) Sorry but I just love whatever’s on a Taru more. Non-taru gtfo!

Meeting with Arcrist

Richtree, Market Restaurant

Richtree – Market Restaurant

So yesterday, I met up with this Taru Arcrist, who is also in the same LS as me for Salvage. We didn’t really talk before.. anyway, so just this past Saturday.. I’m like you know what, lets meet up. I’m free tomorrow and that’s it lol!

We met @ Richtree around Front Street, Toronto! The same place where I met Bubian the first time (just different branch, but same franchise). We spent like 6hrs talking about Salvage and other things :)

It didn’t feel weird for me anymore haha ;) In fact, all the people I’ve met so far are all amazingly cool! We briefly talked about how FFXI can save RL money (lol), talked about good damage, gossip about Bubian, talked about our in-game goals and achievements (lol), talked about drama around Fenrir (of course!!) and some pretty funny stuff like “imagine Colibri doing Snatch Morsel IRL” lol or how we have to “save our camp spot” in Richtree. We incoperated a lot of gaming term IRL.. which turned out pretty funny xD!

Of course, we talked about Salvage drama xD, seriously, FFXI wouldn’t be fun without the drama.

Later on, Arcrist’ girlfriend also showed up (pretty hawt xD), so did Tazo and her BF XD! So that got kinda interesting :). It was kinda fun when we were trying to explain FFXI to people that don’t play FFXI such as.. grinding, drama, exping… and aggro oh… explaining how “aggro” works was kinda fun. We used “girl/boyfriend” as a method to explain how “aggro” works.

Oh… you know what.. although Arcrist’ girlfriend don’t play FFXI, but she understands what is “Assault”, “Salvage” and “Priorities” LOL! I wonder what Arcrist’ daily chat is about rofl!

Then comes our dinner bill… lets not talk about that part ;) No pictures to show though! But Arcrist isn’t a Taru IRL.. he’s a freaing Large Elvaan…

Btw: Arcrist once wrote a Salvage poem! You can check it out here!

Florida, Orlando

Trip to Florida!

Linkshell Trip to Florida!

We’ve been secretly organizing a trip to Florida! I kinda got jealous of Tek’s trip back then so I’m “trying” to organize something the same :). With the help of Cloud, we kidna nailed it down to pretty cheap. We have a fair amount of girls and boys going so its not going to be a sausage feast! Moar to come as it gets closer. We have so many “lol stuff” in mind :D.

Of course, one of the places that we will be visiting Scragg’s house and their FFXIAH server! We’ll be sure NOT to carry magnets! j/k :< He lives too damn far and probably don't run FFXI server off their basement ._.

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  1. Etain says:

    Wow, so Cloud spent all that money/stress to upgrade himself an Askar Korazin! Awesome.

    (lulz at FFXIAH link gear never quite matching RL)

  2. Maiev says:

    lol @ Etain…

  3. Etain says:

    You *heart* me and you know it! :D


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