Rukenshin was defeated by Mikichan.

He is soft >.>b

3 Responses to “Rukenshin was defeated by Mikichan.”

  1. Mattaru says:

    Hope all’s well!
    If you’re ever online,please give me a /poke, miss you^-^~


  2. Trey says:

    Woooo! Glad to see you are still alive. Deme gave me your message a while back but I forget what it was now >.o Drop me an email sometime! For some reason I don’t have yours anymore >.< Hope all is well with school/health/FFXI! Come visit on Fenrir sometime!

  3. nSho says:

    ashi spotted!!
    hey! congrats on everything!
    keep in touch, me misses teh coolness that’s teh ashi



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