World of World of Warcraft Released!

I thought World of Warcraft is good, damn World of World of Warcraft so beats World of Warcraft and even the World of Warcraft Expansion. I LAV World of World of Warcraft! Going to quit World of Warcraft to play World of World of Warcraft! Oh yea.. for those that haven’t watch Keynote for iPhone […]

Capped out Slow II

Capped Slow II! Yay Merit Room I think I’ve had this 10/10 9999/10000 for at least 4-5 months, so it was nice to have it burned. Maybe if I have a PvP partner, then we can go do some testing :3 I’d like to see the full effect of this Slow II anyway. Speaking of […]

Returning to WoW!

Thrall dead Thrall Dead! So after a little bit over 3 months, I started WoW again. It all started with the debate of end-game experience. If you ask me honestly, WoW’s end-game is much more fun than FFXI, in all aspects IMO. Before we begin, this is my 1st day returning to WoW.. our leader […]

BG Art Contest!

I voted for Divine Seal! (Entry 29) Entry 29 on BG So I’ve been looking around the BG contest and… there was two favorite picks out of all of them! Entry09 and Entry29. Here’s what I’d like about each one! The first one (Entry 9) is titled Randgrith. (the one on the left). From a […]

I Beat Salvage (14/14) & Wii Fit Humor!

Mai Morrigan Robe & Tiara! I beat Salvage! (14/14 lawl) Yes! Thanks to {Lag}{Save} for beating Salvage for me! I’m finally done! (14/14)! OMG :O! Especially the babies and elephant that helped :D! I was purdy lucky there :D & for the matter of fact.. I was even kinda “slacking off” on yesterday’s run ‘.’ […]