I Beat Salvage (14/14) & Wii Fit Humor!

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Mai Morrigan Robe & Tiara!

I beat Salvage! (14/14 lawl)

Yes! Thanks to {Lag}{Save} for beating Salvage for me! I’m finally done! (14/14)! OMG :O! Especially the babies and elephant that helped :D!

I was purdy lucky there :D & for the matter of fact.. I was even kinda “slacking off” on yesterday’s run ‘.’ wasn’t really paying attention :o! Regardless.. I’m done!

Anyway, now that I kinda beat Salvage, I’m planning to still go, but with different characters :O! It’d most likely be Tazo. I get free RL dinner for helping her out ^_^; Or if its Silver Sea.. I’ll go on my own to visit PowerKeg and hope he wears his pants. But that thing.. wow, nearly non-existent.

PS: Yes I know its 15/15, but since the 35 piece of the Macha Slops is like… don’t exist, I kinda consider I beat Salvage! 14/14 :)

Arena Junkies, WoW

Arena Junkies Hangout! (Click to visit website)

Massive WoW Banning (WoW Talk)

On the side note, WoW’s also been doing some massive banning but… on players who use something call “Win Trading”. If you would recall Warcraft III’s ranking system (the RTS game). Each time you win an opponent, you get a point boost. If the opponent was higher in rank, then you get more points (meaning you beat a more challenging opponent), and vice versa if you beat a horrible one. Now, its fair if the teams are random and you are constantly being challenged. There has been cases in Warcraft III where people purposely lose to a friend just to give them a rank boost, but you can only do it so much until…you no longer gain points from your friend because either their ranking is too crap or you’re too high.

In WoW its a little bit different :o Yes if you play normally, your opponents are pretty random but say you play @ like 4am… then your opponents are really limited. Unlike FFXi or Warcraft III MMS, which 24/7 have people ready to play with or against you due to time zones, WoW’s US server are empty during midnights. So if you hop on that time and play Arena, chances are you won’t get any opponents to even play with. Butttt, its also a good time to cheat the ladder. Since there’s probably no one on, then when the system “randoms” a team to play against you, there isn’t really too much to random. Its probably you and your other friend so… you can cheat the system =P

Zero Punctuation Reviewing GTA 4!

In WoW’s PvP world, good gear comes from what’s call “Arena Point”, and “Arena Points” are gained by defeating an enemy team to the ground. You can learn more about WoW’s PvP here (Explained in FFXI Language). So good gear comes from “Rank”, but since its a team game, you can “add team members” anytime, so there’s this business in WoW where people will “add you to their team” if you pay them gold. Sort of like how people pay LS money so they can join the alliance to lot Rare/Ex gear. Well in WoW, its that… Win Trading. Some people purposely fight a team up to 2,000 ranking, then sell the team for a good profit :O! People do that to even make a RL living there.

But yea finally, Blizzard has taken actions against Win Trading (kinda like saying taking action against people paying for the Rare/Ex lotting rights). They do not think equipment are rightfully earned hence, they are now “completely deleting” gear that’s gained via Win Trading. So say you bought your whole set of Homam gear and they found out, well your whole set is gone =P and they’ve done it to a ton of people.

You can read more about it here. Btw, Scragg showed me this =P I didn’t find it lawl!

Since GTA4’s ads is like everywhere, thought I’d link a Zero Punctuation review on GTA4 :) Its purdy funny!

4 Responses to “I Beat Salvage (14/14) & Wii Fit Humor!”

  1. Jayashaya says:

    Haha congrats! Now its time to quit FFXI and go Warhammer Online!

  2. Maiev says:

    Haha maybe xD We’ll see in a bit lawl!
    Not sure about if i wanna take up another MMO :<

  3. Jowah says:

    wow, i am still the one w/o a completed set of the people who started to do it since release…<.<

  4. Jackalman says:

    Aren’t you 14/15 also Jowah? That’s what Mai is — he just doesn’t have his hopes up about Macha’s Slops. LolSS35drops.


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