Capped out Slow II

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Capped Slow II!

Yay Merit Room

I think I’ve had this 10/10 9999/10000 for at least 4-5 months, so it was nice to have it burned. Maybe if I have a PvP partner, then we can go do some testing :3 I’d like to see the full effect of this Slow II anyway.

Speaking of the patch, there wasn’t really interesting stuff… other than getting shocked that they are handing out Ingots… I mean the new Weapon all cool but I guess SE finally like implemented WoW’s model, to replace gear to keep ppl playing. I don’t know, seems that way so far in keeping the casual players. I’m okay with it… not horrible but not great. Whereas WoW Patch 2.4 Sunwell’s Isle kinda got me into playing ‘.’

Regardless… thought I’d link you this COOL DNC af!

Oh yea… new Security Features for Windows FFXI Players. Its pretty decent. You can read about it here.

Weird stuff dropped in Salvage last nite. Alexandrite! We got 3 in a SS run so.. not too shibby but wow @ 50k xD

Nyzul Relic Animation too well… only some of it is out. Found it on an Alla post :O!

I stored my key on my Laptop’s drive (I play on Desktop)… so at least I won’t be worried about getting auto-login while I’m at work, since the encryption key isn’t physically on the same PC. Beats storing on a USB, eats a port. Speaking of that on-screen keyboard, there are ways around it :O its not completely safe but beats keyloggers atm. Oh, and if you have WoW Client Installed by chance, should run the WoW Launcher once awhile, because that launcher scans your PC for well-known video game trojans and keyloggers. Unlike the POL Launcher, its nothing but inconvenience. xD

6 Responses to “Capped out Slow II”

  1. Lokyar says:

    Wowwy wow. Who made that DNC AF and where can I get it?

  2. Lokyar says:

    This post set me on a 6 hour .dat hunt, and I still never found the HumeF Dnc AF mod. I did however find about 40+ ElvF and Mithra mods I loved, including Lowtech DNC AF for both.

    Fair Warning to the ladies of Vana’diel: Proximity to Lokyar is now a drooling hazard =D

  3. Lokyar says:

    Thankee-sai =D

  4. Maiev says:

    Thanks Aene <3
    Ur da best :)

  5. Nours says:

    Grats Maiev, let us know if you do some intensive testing, I’d help but we are not on the same server ~~

    Have fune /

    P.S. : Your blog is awesome+3.


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