Paper Art – Red Mage Hat!

RL Pimp Hat! (Click above image for actual instruction & printout) Paper Art 1 No its not emo’s or e-peens, today is about being artistic and squeezing your brain juice! Actually, I’ve been spending quite a lot of time doing arts and crafts that’s FFXI related these days. Anyway! Today’s the RDM AF Hat :D […]

Windy Choco Stables – FF Fanart!

Windurst Chocobo Stables! by LovelyDagger The Chocobo Stables Warm fuzzy thoughts just rushed into my mind when I saw that picture. This is like probably the coolest thing about FFXI, you can’t really draw a warm fuzzy undead dripping ooze from their mouth :D Anyway, the art on the right is drawn by Daggy once […]

Mai Fan Art to Posters IRL!

Love on Posters Mai poster in Mai room! Little smudged solly! I love FFXI Fanart :D Esp those that’s drawn by friends! I’ll admit that Duck might not have the best geared/skilled players, but we do have the most sweetie in the LS, and a lot of great artists! So here’s my two latest poster […]

Aquilo x5 in a row… & Some WoW Humor~

Holy Shit Self explainatory. Wow lol… And yea, I’m still doing good :D Just playing a ton less due to an extremely busy work schedule! Hopefully when class ends, I’d have time to commit a little bit more, but I do miss blogging and reading about it :3 WoW Mocking FF So here’s some of […]

WoW Writing on a FFXI Blog?

WoW Hater I’ve heard many things about it ;) There are good and bads about WoW. Which is okay because we all have preferences :D But when someone who just haven’t play start ranting about WoW, that’s pretty imo emo ;) So like this guy (Found it on Etain’s) is like lol we shouldn’t be […]