Paper Art – Red Mage Hat!

Paperart - Pimp Red Mage Hat, FFXI, Arts and Crafts

RL Pimp Hat! (Click above image for actual instruction & printout)

Paper Art 1

No its not emo’s or e-peens, today is about being artistic and squeezing your brain juice! Actually, I’ve been spending quite a lot of time doing arts and crafts that’s FFXI related these days. Anyway!

Today’s the RDM AF Hat :D You can put it onto your mouse, plushies or whatever, its not big but its simple to make!

When doing these paparart, ensure you are

  • Ensure you aren’t using flimsy paper. Use heavy stock (or slighly heavy for this one)
  • Don’t use glue stick, they suck and fall off later.
  • Nice pair of scissors.

For the Red Mage Hat, you can download it here. Credit goes to the person that’s on that paper lol!

I’m working on another model, but I don’t have a pic atm! Its really fun ‘.’! Finally something tangible. I always think it’d suck when you quit and you got nothing (Well, friends). So here I am making some stuff lawl.

Let me know if you’re actually doing this! Post a pic after :D

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