Windy Choco Stables – FF Fanart!

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Windurst Chocobo Stables! by LovelyDagger

The Chocobo Stables

Warm fuzzy thoughts just rushed into my mind when I saw that picture. This is like probably the coolest thing about FFXI, you can’t really draw a warm fuzzy undead dripping ooze from their mouth :D

Anyway, the art on the right is drawn by Daggy once again <3, somehow I entered into her dream and she just felt like drawing us out :) Its great as usual but now the problem is where would I find to hang it :/ The taru padding the chocobo is Farkee (who will come back and play with me soon!), I'm the little taru obviously, the hot chick beside Mai is the artist Daggy and... to her right is Dragozai, Daggy's really good friend. You can tell Daggy enjoys a good time with her friends :3 I do too, just suck ass that her account got jacked :/ Once again I'd have to thank Daggy for the care and love :D, just at the right time today too (was going through some rough times). Somehow today, it also brings me the thought of valuing life and live everything to the fullest, I don't know where that came from but, that feeling is just strong today. Anyway, enjoy :) Time for werk :/

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