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Love on Posters

FFXI Poster, Maiev, Fenrir, Drawing

Mai poster in Mai room! Little smudged solly!

I love FFXI Fanart :D Esp those that’s drawn by friends! I’ll admit that Duck might not have the best geared/skilled players, but we do have the most sweetie in the LS, and a lot of great artists!

So here’s my two latest poster from the artwork of Mai friends! The left one is from Mai friend Aene, who drew a group artwork for our Linkshell Disney trip. In fact, for our Disney trip, we even had DuckHUNT T-shirts :D So hehe, that’s just a nice little artwork that reminds me of the wonderful and crazy time we had @ Disney Orlando.

The right, is actually one of my favorite artwork, is by Yuukino. She drew that for my Birthday, mailed it along with some cookies in a coffer. But everytime I look at it… I’m like.. shit I want this on Poster.. its so “ME”, so yea bought a $299 scanner, scanned it and refund the scanner (LOL), took it to the print shop, spend like $48+tx and have it enlarged and printed. Its so nice… everyone that visit Mai room said it was nice :D Its my latest RL e-peen to friends ^^; So worth the buck. This is also the greatest Birthday present yet… its so nicely drawn, like I can feel the thinking process that was behind that drawing… and the time :o for all those details.

I also printed 2 more, one was Jowah’s drawing and one was the Daggy drawing that had me touching Daggy’s bewbs and Farkee getting freaked out. Both turned out a little bit pixelated… but I still kept it :o

So damn there goes $200 on paper lol.. and ya back to sleep, so I can make those $200 back :/ lol@work

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