Aquilo x5 in a row… & Some WoW Humor~

Aquilo x5, FFXI, Crafting

Holy Shit

Self explainatory.

Wow lol…

And yea, I’m still doing good :D Just playing a ton less due to an extremely busy work schedule! Hopefully when class ends, I’d have time to commit a little bit more, but I do miss blogging and reading about it :3

WoW Mocking FF

So here’s some of the screenies from BG of WoW mocking Final Fantasy. Its pretty funny haha!

On the side note, this makes me sad :/ Gulkeeva torchering the Onions :/

2 Responses to “Aquilo x5 in a row… & Some WoW Humor~”

  1. Jowah says:

    …you really need to give me crafting luck, i’m 0/873465378453678 on lolweskit <.<
    I guess the character is cursed… tempted also to craft/wait for a cursed cuirass -1 but ; ;
    So broken luck D:

  2. Maiev says:

    No, I didn’t do this :O someone else’ SS :O
    haha I would puke if it was me :O!


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