WoW Writing on a FFXI Blog?

WoW Hater

I’ve heard many things about it ;) There are good and bads about WoW. Which is okay because we all have preferences :D But when someone who just haven’t play start ranting about WoW, that’s pretty imo emo ;)

So like this guy (Found it on Etain’s) is like lol we shouldn’t be writing WoW on FFXI Blogs. Last I know a blog is not an official FFXI newspaper, but a personal space to rant about our e-life. Now, if this was FFXIPress (Not WordPress) and we start using it for WoW purpose.. okay he got a point.

Anyway, Pyra wrote some pretty crazy stuff about FFXI :O its pretty true to a certain extent. Well not everything is bad but it does sums up some of the weak points of FFXI in general. Especially PW. Anyway done rant ;)

Regarding TTTO filtering out non-FFXI stuff, I can care less since the ultimate decision goes to TTTO admins and not us. But then its not like I’m getting pay per click revenue or… I write for a living so meh, I do this purely for fun and providing boring reads when you’re bored too. idc. Technorati ftw :)

Btw AV got squashed by Jackyl’s LS :) Its on BG but you can go there yourself :)

Sorry no comment either.

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