Starcraft II Gameplay on Kotaku

Hello :) It’s been awhile I’ve posted. I’m still alive but I’m currently working on a few FF related projects, will brief you guys once I have that underway :D

However, just want to hook everyone up with a Starcraft II Battle Report. Pretty amazing! Looking at David Kim controlling his units is just amazing. Those blinks were so effectively used! Can’t wait to get into RTS again :D

Below: Video of Protoss and Zerg in Starcraft II actual battle gameplay!

5 Responses to “Starcraft II Gameplay on Kotaku”

  1. Kaeko says:

    omg bandlings

  2. evilpaul says:

    There’s actually a bunch of videos of two Blizzard guys playing it on It looked pretty intense.

  3. Maiev says:


    yea :O i saw those 2 b4 too hehe its pretty awesome :D


    if ur into RTS, get WC3, download dota ( and come play! i know you got an rts mind!

  4. ClassicRed says:

    SC2 omg !


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