FFXIV (14) Online now with Video Trailer

Here’s another version :D

Official website here.

I see all 5 races, I see amazing graphics, I see SE learned some stuff.

I see it’s for both PS3 and PC!

Diablo 3, Starcraft 2, FFXIV (14). Holy shit this is going to chew up my life again XD

and yea lets all play on the same server k?

/end quickpost.

Update: The Trailer just looks like FFXI HIGH-DEF?!

25 Responses to “FFXIV (14) Online now with Video Trailer”

  1. Etain says:


    And I totally call dibs on the names Etain and Binya! :D

  2. Maiev says:


    WHAT DO U MEAN! I mean common, people give GENBU SHIELD to BARDS cuz they need to last long enough to play lullaby in DIEnamis!

    Support/Heal get phat lewt XD

  3. Calaera says:

    Agreed on the same server. Would LOVE to play with the EU and Canadian bloggers and twitter people out there.

  4. Maiev says:


    It’d be so cool D: its for sure goin to be quality time, and with all the fun blogger together, we can even totally write out the server history from the start XD

  5. Wyred says:

    I’ve never touched a PS3 before, but I think the teaser is just a rendered movie.

    Hope SE would hurry up and release some actual in-game screenshots! :D

  6. Kimiko says:

    Ooooohh, that does sound like an awesome idea. Get all of us blogger types together and dominate the server. One alliance camps, the second alliance twitters about the first. =D

  7. Maiev says:


    I can’t agree more. The FFXI Trailer resembles nothing like the shitty (well not that bad, I like the armor) grpahics of FFXI. So I can say its the same for FF14, until they show us some real deal. At least they aren’t saying Xbox or Xbox360, knowing their hardware is shittier XD and PC is scaleable.

  8. Maiev says:


    LAWL! That sounds pretty INTENSE! I think it’d be great fun :) to do it as a blogging team :D since there is a DA team and a BG team, we can pretty sure gather up a blogging team XD

    Btw, check all your emailz :D

  9. Jowah says:


  10. Maiev says:


    YES! We can turn this

    into reality =) Cross-server love into cross-game and server love! XD

    Im actually quite excited, despite I do not want my life to be consumed again, but thinkin about FINALLY playing with everyone I wanted to play with just makes the game much more fun!

  11. Jowah says:

    <333 raeptiem Mai

  12. Etain says:

    Fine Jowah, no love for me. T-T

    *goes off to cry in the corner*
    *blows her nose on the sleeve of her Jubbah*

  13. Maiev says:


    I’ll see if the artist can erase the mandragora on the poster and draw a box of tissues! LOL (hugging a box of tissues) XD

  14. Daggy says:

    same server prz. If they have grias-I might be it D:…if not then back to tall elvaan ftw!

  15. Fireal says:

    ok am in :o

  16. Tuufless says:

    /em plots.

    I hope they don’t change the name of the “tarutaru”-esque race though. I like the “taru” sound. :/

  17. Maiev says:


    I actually have a mule with your name on Fenrir right now XD “Wide Hair”


    Yea for sho :D it’d be exciting XD

  18. Maiev says:


    haha yea, I love tarus too :D im actually not going to even play if there isn’t one (but at leas we hav a few confirmation that there is).

    Looking forward to it myself too ^^

  19. Littlewinwin says:

    I come again alrdy~~ support \^O^/. Same server play again ^.^

  20. ClassicRed says:

    Starcraft 2 prz kthnx~ oh ya and yay ffiv D: another grind to the finish line!

  21. Ackal says:

    Hay let me know which server when you start playing!

  22. Mikedee [Spikeflail Cenarius] says:

    It’s going to be wild! :3

    I just hope I’m able to kill the Lich King before entering a new world! :<

  23. Maiev says:

    I just hope I have the free to to really hardcore this :D well probably not :(

    Unless I go back to school :x lol

    WoW is not too much of my concern, but yea it’d be cool to finish the xpac then jump to FF14 ;)

  24. Jason-wuusaa says:

    @people wanted to know about graphics.

    I saw the trailer many times, and I own a PS3.
    The 5 second clip 0:28~0.33, should be the in-game screen. It’s 100% doable for both PC and PS3.

    Been stalking Maiev’s blog for a while. /em hands over 2 cents.

    /psych FF14
    /cry FF11

  25. Zyuu says:

    let me know which server when you start playing!


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