Some DuckHUNT Updates

I know it’s been forever but i haven’t forgotten! i really need to get more disciplined at updating!

first thing’s first!

Sexy Scholar Pants on Elysia, FFXI Fenrir

sch pants!!! the first pair that have dropped for our ls since the implementation of sch and dnc af months ago. then three more pair dropped… of course, but still! this technically makes me the first 5/5 sch in the ls and completes my 8th set of relic. but i do need to lot the hands again, i +1 the pair i have, so that i can store it and make myself some extra room!

Throwing Out Stuff, FFXI Fenrir Elysia

i later added o.bow and loxely bow to this, since i never use those!

not that room is that much of a problem anymore since the mog satchel, i can keep all 12 jobs worth of gear on ely without muling! that’s right 12, SAM is now 75 and i’m loving it, i’m working hard to get it fully merited. not as hard as i could be i guess, i’m still not lfg on rdm or brd.

and speaking of sam;

Hellknight Obtains a Hagun

finally! 9 months of that enm and finally! but now that i’m 75…. we’re still going to try and get one for me, for now, i just steal his!

the hardest thing for me to get used to about sam was that i had virtually no recyclable gear for it! i had my ace’s, haidate, osode but i had to buy a hauby, fuma sune-ate, new ws gear and i still feel a little insecure about it. i didn’t even have a second earring! Since DH hasn’t been doing limbus for other events HK and i have been duo-ing zones to try and finish up some pieces. He need to finish RDM and i was trying to get some SAM upgrades since i had no pants to ws in :(

two people in temenos is not easy! and so many luck based zones. we tried the zone that has 4 ele’s and 2 item chests, one containing an avatar and the zone that starts with enhanced tigers. that zone was by far my favorite and although luck based we managed to do pretty well in that one and HK did get his RDM finished!

Elysia and Hellknight, FFXI Fenrir

i’m glad we finished his rdm before i got my sam pieces since i just broke down and lotted shura haidate in sky! for only 2 points i felt much better about my sam!

Salvage is still… well… i still go that’s the best i can say! sometimes it doesnt seem so bad and sometimes it seems like the most life-sucking event in the game, but i have no real reason to complain lately;

Enlil's Brayettes, Ea's Brais, Anu's Brais

Bodb's Cuffs, Nemain's Cuffs, FFXI Fenrir

as well as getting Macha’s Slops (although i dont have 25) so like i said, i really can’t complain.
i completed my hands, then realized that the lumber you need to make them cost 1.2 mil a stack, so i decided to go logging in mamook for them. it took me a whole day and 4 deaths to log up all 12 logs but it was definitely worth the effort rather then spending all my money on it!

the ls has been working on ZNM’s and with a few setbacks we farmed up 4 cerb pops and walked away with a ton of money items, 1 Sarameya Hide (PW trophy) and one pair of haidate! the haidate are so nice and its so hard to restrain myself from trying for a pair, but i think i can keep myself from trying with HK helping talk me out of it! and save my points for something else…..

Cerberus, FFXI Fenrir

Cerberus FFXI Fenrir

i had to make a pankration monster to keep up with jettons to buy cameras to keep up with the 3-5k zeni a week, here it is fighting HK’s monster… his won :(

LOL Monster Fight, FFXI Fenrir

finally caught up completely on WOTG, including all city quests, i wonder if the next installment of missions will completely finish out the storyline and what the prize will be… the storyline and cs’s are actually pretty entertaining and it makes it easier to motivate myself to go do them, even if theres a ton of pointless running around and finding cs’s in needlessly dangerous spots…

and farming stupid things like bottled pixies that never drop….

FFXI Pixie Fenrir

Yagudo FFXI Fenrir

there was also the mini-expansion, A Crystalline Prophecy, which although i didn’t think was awful (i mean come on it was only $10, wtf were you expecting?) i did not enjoy the way there was no difficulty curb… everything is pathetically easily up until the last fight, which can actually be quite annoying and difficult and when you have to try more then once, there’s the added annoyance of doing the 30cap tower climb for every attempt which was just pointless busy work. i don’t mind a short, not that challenging scenario for only $10, especially for a nice piece of gear at the end, but don’t insult me by making me do the same tedious shit every time i need to try a fight under the guise of ‘lengthening’ the expansion.

in the end i went with the rng body (snapshot and ranged attack), hk got the pld body (enm and fast cast), jingex got the mnk body (acc and att), and ravy got the thf body (acc and dual wield) now we just try to get the augmented earrings over and over x.x i got an ok one, 1str and 5ratt… if only it had been 2 str!

WotG CS, FFXI Fenrir

Seed Crystal, FFXI Fenrir

WotG, FFXI Fenrir

Fenrir Alliance NPC, FFXI Fenrir

Hellknight and Elysia, FFXI Fenrir

one thing i never got to post about that i think deserves a mention was a low manned attempt at Jailer of Fortitude for Raslin. He and Jingex went on cor and just kited it around and Quick Shot it to death, it was really cool to watch. Ravy did give it a few blood pacts on smn as it ran by, and Shay came to hang around in case anyone needed and r3 and i brought out the old th4 and smacked it a few times as it ran by me, and lucky ras, he got his torque!

Jailer of Fortitude, FFXI DuckHUNT Fenrir

maybe next update wont be so long… but i always say that!


Sandworm, FFXI Fenrir

whm dd body, woo~

Revered Mail, FFXI DuckHUNT Fenrir

my first t1 hq!

Behe Ring +1

first ANNM attempt

ANNM Attempt, FFXI Fenrir

MMM fun!

Dead TaruTaru MMM Fun, FFXI Fenrir

first Tia, no drops ; ;

Tiamat, FFXI Fenrir DuckHUNT

we found a bat!

Ugyrt, FFXI Fenrir

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