Egg-hunt Festival!!!

omg it’s that time of the year again!! i love these events!! the furnitures are so cute ^_^

Letters Collected:

Sakurakun: Q, O, G, U, T
Ciermel: A, U, S, O, D, S, R, U, R, T, U, S,

this so feels like scrabble cc ^_^

lol ciermel got all three furnitures already =P. i just need an F to get my last piece lol.� i think i’ll wait. i saw 2 going for 30k in someone’s bazaar!! crazy! btw, that’s us three [left to right: ciermel, inore, sakura]

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  1. Jowah says:

    I want one ; ; I never completed a EGG thing ever but meh……’s so boring, dunno if i’ll do this :\

  2. Sakurakun says:

    lol, the event is quiet easy to do. Just get letters that spell out

    ciermel, unexpectly, gave me S, A, K, and an U for completing another word. lol i didnt get a screenshot, but it was funny ^_^. btw, that’s ciermel’s room ^_^

  3. Ciermel says:

    Awww Jowah, I wish u r here in fenrir with us, we will gladly help u :(

    me and saku just luv doing events together, whether its boring or not… it’s the company of being with fwens that counts ^^


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