The Stick Up His Butt

Finally a good time to leave Dynamis {rofl}

Wow, the linkshell that thinks that owns us and honestly has a stick up their butt.

after run with Frypan over a year, this how they treat members. that linkshell lose members every run and always have fresh new face each run. their retention of members is worse than President’s Bush approval ratings.

7 Responses to “The Stick Up His Butt”

  1. Jowah says:

    Is this real ? D::::::: I can’t even imagine someone would say such shit really

    Just………wow to that person. No wonder if they keep loosing people.

  2. Jackalman says:

    “President’s Bush” ???

    Did I miss something? Was Hillary elected? :o


  3. Sakurakun says:

    lol President Bush …who? i want to see Hillary win too!

    to Jowah: thanks for the comment. and my thoughts exactly. that dynamis has like a broomstick up their rear. i constantly haste 1-2 ppl in my party (depending if i have a refreshner) and i spam curaga spells even if their HP is bellow 90%. and i always have constant 800-1k MP. i should have left a long time ago once i got my whm body. they’ve threaten one of my fwen with breaking his pearl and they upsetted my best fwen ciermel a while back.

  4. Jowah says:

    Who cares really if i can do my job with low or high mp really.

    What’s that person job if i may ask? I guess a lolmelee uh?

  5. Sakurakun says:

    nin and sometimes a blm. i never see him nuke w/ the other blms even with mp. he always like 20-30 distance away from the main group. i have to run back there to ballad him. he’s afraid of dying and getting R1

  6. Jackalman says:

    JB’s not afraid of dying, trust me. In any case, it sounds like you don]t need to be doing Dynamis anymore anyway, really, so I wouldn’t get too broken up about it.

    I think you missed the whole joke about “President’s Bush”, but I’ll leave it at that… I certainly do NOT want to see Hillary in office. There’s really nothing good that would come of that, but I don’r really want to get into politics here, lol.

  7. Sakurakun says:

    i’m not broken up. i only went because a bunch of my DH buddies went too! i felt guilt not going because of them. i already completed my whm afv2 so i’m happy. now i can concentrate on other stuff.

    but the main reason for this post was because i was disappointed with them. i heard lots of rumors which i thought misrepresented. but i push them off the side and realize this is 3hr long event. and rl stuff do happen in that 3hr time span (unless you’re totally locked in your house/room) and the fact that there werent any screenshots to back them up.


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