WHM Gear Hack?

the other night ciermel noticed this weird WHM wearing what look like the RDM JSE Wise Cap.

as far as cc and me know, there isnt a WHM head gear like that. CC and me tried to check the gear out, but they some how change their gear too fast for our SS to take a pic. it seems every time we check them, they swap gears to prevent us from checking their gear. and it some how causes us to lag slightly.

Is this a gear hack or some unknown WHM hat?

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  1. Hagaren says:

    I saw this guy too and he did the same thing to me. It’s an assault drop: Curate’s Hat

  2. Sakurakun says:

    Mystery HAT SOLVED!!!

    it’s the Curate’s Hat (assault)
    Curate’s Hat RareExclusive
    [Head] All Races
    DEF: 18 HP +25 MP +25
    MP recovered while healing +1
    Lv. 68 MNK / WHM / RDM / THF / PLD / BST /
    BRD / DRG / SMN / BLU / COR / PUP

    it’s a pretty decent hat, not too shabby.



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