Sakurakun’s Clothcrafter Gouge

Wow…what an update for Clothcrafters!

I’m a lvl 94 clothcrafter and i’ve been trying to get myself through the next synthesis gap from 94 to 98. and bam…this update came along! i really hate these updates because things always get inflated and they always mess up ppl who are trying to skill up on crafts.

fortunately, i was able to patch myself early and i was able to re-log on after Version Check was up at 4:50 PM EST. so i was like what to do…hunt down NMs, go lvl my mnk, or CRAFT!! and the only recipe that came to mind was the Sanjaku-Tenugui tool. which i learned from the guild house. and i bet ashmanaiel if the recipe for this craft was for clothcraft, i would make him a couple for free lol and i did =P

… yes i was evil enough to buy up all the cotton threads from the guild house and auction house. i manage to HQ1-3 them like 50-60% of the time. and it was a really nice sell at first. the first one sold was for 30k and i managd to get the next dozen so stacks for about the same price.

and then Auction House Failure occurred ._.

I kind of wanted to stay up, but it was already 12:30 AM for me and i had an early class the following day. but when i came back, i found out that a majority of the items required for Dancer AF quest were from clothcraft. @_@!! and the prices for most of the item got gouged!!!

up to 30k from 18k normally. i have 3 stacks of these in my mule (~1m profit), but i decided to keep them instead of AHing them. They were a pain to farm and i need them for skill up. Used for Dancer’s Bangle

jumped up to 50k from 1.8k lol. u can only farm the mats for these. Used to make Puppetry Tobe

jumped from 6k to 40k. can at best make them for like 6-8k if u get ingredients from guild house. Used to make Sharpshot frame for puppet master. Also used for Dancer’s Bangles.

gone from 65k to 150k. I believe this is one of the item for a dancer AF quest.

jumped from 10k to 300k. (it’s at 40k atm). used for Dancer’s Tiara quest.

went from 20k to 50k. used for Dancer’s Bangles.

went from 15k to 100k. used for Dancer Tiara AF Quest. Yes i made some of these =X. Weird thing about this is is that it required Clump of Wolf Fur, which is made from wolf hide. and just the day before the update, i was skilling up on Wolf Gorget. Which required wolf hide and cotton thread. bought up them all up from sandy to get my leathercraft from 35-39! i was darn lucky to get them for like 300-500 gil each. and i had like 4 stacks of cotton thread for 3k each… rofl @_@!! well i’m glad i didnt keep them or else getting my leathercraft from 35 to 39 would be mad expensive now. and probably wont recover for a month or two.

Square Of Imperial Silk Cloth [No Image available]
went from 10k to 50k. part of some crazy dancer AF quest too…

i guess a lot of clothcrafter were having a field day. but amazing ppl bought those cloth at the price inflation period….

well anyway, cc and me are gonna get some of the new quest and missions completed today. really need a diversion from all this AHing…

p.s. my clothcrafting services are free for DuckHUNT, Lagsave and Hallsofchaos ^_^. hit me up with the mats and i’ll craft them free of charge.

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