FFXI Art Contest Winner (Mai Entry) + WoW Sex Change

Epic! by Lumient-Wolf Fanfest Contest I didn’t even know it was last Saturday and… was even over ‘.’ Hell even the winner was picked. “Epic” won :o! The art piece is on the right and clicking on it will goto the user’s DeviantArt page. I don’t really have much comment other than it does remind […]

FFXI Art Contest / Update.

Art Contest for Feb 08 by Nadou The Dec08 Patch / Fenrir News Blows Mai mind away. Its so awesome!!! Well awesome if you are SCH or DNC, but if not then well… lol. I don’t want to comment further but its a big bummer when people have time to play during Christmas and they […]

Shaya’s Bedroom Cleanup!

Freaking epic room clean for sure! Someone’s bedroom ‘.’ Freaking epic… wow seriously, if I didn’t know this person, I’d think this person just camp HNM for life. Well I’ve seen worse (my friend Eeto’s bedroom is quite bad, full of Pepsi cans). SohJai’s bedroom is actually very clean :O! Tazo’s okay clean for a […]

WoW: Model Change Now Available

Model Change in WoW – Barber! The Barber Like the title says, in Wrath of the Lich King, you can change mode. It’s call heading into the barber shop. They should really distinguish Barber and Salon… sounds kinda cheap. Anyway… Well it was available as soon as the expansion came out, but it took me […]

WoW: Ding Lv75 Hunter :D!~

Mai-ssicred Hun-ger by LovelyDagger/ Daggy Mai WoW Hunter =) Yea, ding 75 on my Hunter! Thanks ^_^; A drawing of Mai-ssicred hunter is on the right *grin* It’s what I’ve been playing when I have my free time. The thing I’ve come to realize is that… when your schedule is SO BUSY, you just don’t […]