Gil Buying in FFXI

the StarOnion Brigade, Maiev

This is what Google suggest to me…

What people are Searching with Google.

So I got $50 Google Ad-Words randomly for free, so I thought, might as well try it out! So upon logging in, they give you a suggestion of what most people search. Believe it or not, out of like 8 categories, 4 are like (ffxi account, ffxi gil, gil), then there’s the misc section that’s like “steal account etc”.

Obviously those are some of the stuff that “Google” think people are searching a lot so yea lol. Well some people search gil buying for informational purpose, but sure there’s quite a lot out there.

Just thought I’d also say but.. there are people who search like “ffxi steal account” or like “steal password”. Just sign up for Google Ad-Words (Its Free) just to browse the list. I’ve once seen “buy kraken club” or “buy vermillion cloak” lol!

Pretty sure those that have access to server logs would agree more or less with me, if not all about the search strings that people type into Google.

So yea like once again, keep your damn password secure =P There’s quite a lot of nasty people out there that look for these thing or try to learn how to do it :3

Oh btw lol, not showing my ads to everyone =P Its only for fun, so I set it to Toronto only :D

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