FFXI Fanart – Night in Heavens Tower

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Heavens Tower – by LovelyDagger

Commission for Daggy

So there it is, Mai latest commish for Daggy, caught her while she wasn’t busy so I gave her a few ideas and she turned it into this artwork :O!

This is what I enjoy doing, just having a good time, chilling and relaxing! & this piece of artwork IMO, is exactly what I want my FFXI to be, relaxing! Actually this kind of resembles my own room too :O! Gobys and Onions near my bed XD

So as you see, I’m from Fenrir so there’s one hanging there. Then there’s Carby, which is Farkee’s favorite summon (Well, I mean Farkeee) Then there’s Farkee there and Mai having a good time :) The 2 little midgets there near the staff… one is Farkee’s favorite RDM (apparently it isn’t me T_T), and on Mai staff (the chick wearing Nashira Manteel), its Farkee. I’m actually holding a Daggy plush :D I thought that was pretty kewl xD

Compare to the first Commish I gave to Dagg.. pretty much can see a jump in artistic skillz :D.

Anyway hope you enjoy! =)

PS: Its Shaya Birthday today! Oh Shunzi too!! You can send her a tell or.. just drop a message on her FFXIAH profile :D (Or obviously, FB if you have her on there)

Oh side note:

PS: If the banner on your screen looks funny, do a Ctrl + F5, that way it flushes all the cache on the blog and gets a fresh copy. Cuz.. there’s a new one :D

4 Responses to “FFXI Fanart – Night in Heavens Tower”

  1. ClassicRed says:


  2. Maiev says:

    hehe Thanks :)
    draw one with u in it next time =)

  3. Aldair says:

    Hey, been following your blog and YouTube videos for a while now. Really impressed with the stuff you have accomplished (awesome artwork too!), gives me the inspiration to want to make a return to the game. Not sure if this is the right place to comment on such things, but cheers anyways!

  4. Maiev says:

    Thank you so much for your kind comment :o I’m glad you find it entertaining/inspiration to return! Although I’m taking a break myself, but knowing someone out there enjoy reading Mai stuff keeps me keep playing casually/chat :3

    Thanks again =)


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