Blizz Con Arena Tournament

selective queuers vs Concil of Mages(CoM)

Blizz Con Tournament

Since the Wraith of the Lich King (WoW Expansion) will be out in less than a month, Blizzard is concluding this expansion with a cash-prize Arena Tournament! So far its been very interesting to watch.

As always, strategy, mind reading and player skill all plays a role :O! Here are the ladder conditions if you’d like to know how and where Nihilum is at =P (Nihilum is the BG of FFXI, just that they own in both PvE and PvP).

Anyway, here’s one of the video highlights of the Blizz Con Arena. I’d have to say Druids and fast drinking ftw lol! Felguard was like making the fight for CoM so difficult :3 and one bad crit and if got spell lock, GG :D Enervation on the Preist was a good move though rofl…

Anyway, if you’re STILL interested, here’s one with Nihilum vs SK, another two kick ass team playing against each other.

Now if you’re a FAN of WoW (lol), you can subscribe to their Live BlizzCon broadcast for 39.95 (lol), but like FFXI’s latest Tidal Tailsman, you get a COOL MOUNT in WoW :O! Now that’s e-peen :O!

Oh yea :O I’m excited about this expansion too. I can find out what ever happened to the Warcraft story:O! Right timing for a break from FFXI :)

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  1. Tsunade says:

    Too bad I’m a little too busy to play! I’m ally too!


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