FFXI Art Contest / Update.

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Art Contest for Feb 08 by Nadou

The Dec08 Patch / Fenrir News

Blows Mai mind away. Its so awesome!!! Well awesome if you are SCH or DNC, but if not then well… lol. I don’t want to comment further but its a big bummer when people have time to play during Christmas and they throw something out like that!

Onto some Fenrir news! So… as a lot might already know, a ton of people transferred out of Fenrir, including our mighty Relic MNK Zimph! I hate him anyway so meh! Also, Vryali resigned from his leadership role… actually he messaged me about it and gave me a *high five*, so I guess he had enough of leadership fun too! (but well, he did it for a good 5 years, so can’t really blame him for getting tired!). We are merging an epic article on some of the insights of being a linkshell leader, so hopefully we’ll have that ready soon! (Zimph, Vryali and myself! ^^)

FFXI Art Contest

I clicked around DA quite a lot. There’s been quite a few good entries around here and there. The one on the right is also one of Mai favorite. Its so nicely drawn ‘.’

I also keep a pretty nice collection of some of the decent FFXI drawing on DeviantArt (DA) so if you’re bored, can always click around my favorites on DA! (I just collect, I can’t draw for shit :D)

Here’s 2 other good ones for the recently closed Art Contest!~

There’s a lot more on DA so yea just click around :)

Blog Updates

Well since Mai friend Tazo and SohJai don’t really blog anymore (or even play FFXI), I’ve combined their entries into my own blog for some nice read / references in the future. You can read all about Tazo here and SohJai here (or by clicking to their respective category on the right).

WoW Progress

A little bit busy IRL so still Lv78. The battleground is great! ZOMG :D! Although I have a Traitor friend but meh, I still got Tsunade, Abominus, Chidorii, Eleira, Evilkid, and a RL friend WoWing with me! (and my flight instructor soon LOL!). Party Time! =)

Tsunade want to do a Death Knight! With the string pulling enemy back to him (so I can burst DPS)! Kick ass :)

By the way, WoW is classified as a “Productivity” software, not entertainment kthx.
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4 Responses to “FFXI Art Contest / Update.”

  1. Kimiko says:

    Ahahaha, the look on Titan’s face is just priceless. =D

    Also I has a new siggy, complements of a poor mandy in Burumibu.

  2. Maiev says:

    I already saw ur new sig :O! haha I’m a step faster :)) and it’s great!! I wanted to comment but registering an account with 1up just ugh… :D

    and yea I agree with you on that Titan face LOL!

  3. Kimiko says:

    Well, I might be able to correct that soon enough. Messing around with a WordPress version of my site, which I hope I can have up and going soon enough.


  4. Etain says:

    Gogo WordPress Kimiko… use the Mandigo theme and become another mindless slave to the sexah theme -(@Q@-) (j/k~)

    So that’s where Zimph went. His taru hasn’t been in Einherjar, and I was wondering what happened to him~

    Also, Death Grip in PvP is so over powered. :( It’s fun when you’re playing a DK, but not fun when you’re a little priestie being tossed all over the place. ;-;


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