FFXI Art Contest Winner (Mai Entry) + WoW Sex Change

FFXI Art Contest, Dec 08, #1, Fan Art, Drawing

Epic! by Lumient-Wolf

Fanfest Contest

I didn’t even know it was last Saturday and… was even over ‘.’ Hell even the winner was picked. “Epic” won :o! The art piece is on the right and clicking on it will goto the user’s DeviantArt page. I don’t really have much comment other than it does remind me of a lot of my history of FFXI. That’s about it really…

Now on the side, LOOK at how Daggy name HER ENTRY =_=; “MAI COMMISSION” ZOMG, I really want to flip out and give her a nice friendly slap LOL, I mean =_=; she could have name it something better.. at least without the word “Commission” :/

For those of you that’s interested in some of the other art entries, someone took pics of it so you can view them here. Its not all, but then something to look at while SE gets their report together. I’m pretty sure some of you recognize some of the entries, such as Sorasha, the Mithra entry, Choco Raiders, At All Costs etc!

A little but not so FFXi related. I’ve been really trolling Kimiko for a long time (mostly for free nice Signature that I can steal), but mostly because she’s the same Taru as me… and everytime I read, it feels like it’s my adventure. Do you have this kind of bond? I kinda do.. call my psycho or something… (yea, bond to digital data…), but maybe I play with my toon for too long! Kimiko wears pretty much the same stuff (plus better stuff), so um… yea, talking to the owner and might have something interesting popping out… don’t know yet though! Waiting for the Emails :)


WoW Sex Change

Now everyone can be sexy Blood Elves!

World of Warcraft’s Sex Change

WoW’s always had server transfer and Paid Name Change. They even had a nice ad for Paid Name Change! Now for $15 bucks, you can even have SEX change. They call it “Character Re-Customization” =)

Ready for a new look in World of Warcraft, but the barbershop’s just not cutting it (Wrote about it a few days ago)? You can now change a character’s gender, face, skin color, and other cosmetic features (such as tauren horn styles or a night elf’s facial markings) using the brand-new Character Re-Customization service. Available at the Account Management page for a flat fee of $15, Character Re-Customization covers all available cosmetic options for a single character and includes an optional name change to go with your new look. For more information, see the FAQ — or log in to the Character Re-Customization page now to begin the process of reinventing the new you!

Okay.. the only thing I think people are really interested is GENDER change. Now all guys can play girls (just like me ^_^)! But damn, talking about cash cow… to Blizzard, its really just changing a freaking variable, but to us it seems like wow. Cracks me up.

But honestly, playing female char (and did it for 5 years) is kind of cool. I don’t pose as a girl in-game (well… I don’t hide the fact that I’m a dude unlike HESASA) but its kinda like.. well I’m a dude IRL, do I even need to BE one when I’m logged in with the E-world? I kinda want something different and…. playing females and flirting with “Real Guys” indeed bought more fun to me :) Well… should always take 90% of what comes out of my mouth as joke, and my LS member can tell you that part =P but… cool, might inspired a few dudes to play chick, just to play something different ^^;

Remember, this is ROLE PLAYING, it’s not Real Life Role Playing, you do that IRL. When you’re in Virtual World, its a good time to be something different, someone who you dream to be (hence we pick little mage with magic powers) and try something you haven’t done before, can’t or… can never do… well that’s why its our “2nd life”. You don’t have to play your real life INTO your second life…

And No, I’m not using this service, nor I will use it even if it exists in FFXI. I like what it is haha! (Naked talus walking around, pimp!)

Blizzard even start making WoW Mouse, includes “A ton of buttons” for your “Serious Mousesport”. Cracks me up to see a WotlK Keyboard ‘.’ so I have the WoW button such as “Kill Boss?” :) (Reminds me of the JP Button) LOL.

3 Responses to “FFXI Art Contest Winner (Mai Entry) + WoW Sex Change”

  1. Kimiko says:

    /blush Oh come on now Maiev, at best I have maybe average BLM gear. I just manage to get creative with what I have whenever I can.

    And yes, Lumi’s artwork = epic wallpaper on the home desktop.

  2. Veve says:

    Loool @ the art title

    Hi Maiev (*^_^*)

    Missed ya !

  3. Daggy says:

    The art awarding was too messy. They should of divided the Graphic design, hand drawn art, and sculpting arts seperately for awarding. I mean *shake her head* The title I gave it was Heaven’s Tower but they messed it up and looked at my name.png file. Specially for Epic-the artist told me it wasn’t suppose to be that name D: Staff is too messy imo~


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