WoW: Ding Lv75 Hunter :D!~

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Mai-ssicred Hun-ger by LovelyDagger/ Daggy

Mai WoW Hunter =)

Yea, ding 75 on my Hunter! Thanks ^_^; A drawing of Mai-ssicred hunter is on the right *grin*

It’s what I’ve been playing when I have my free time. The thing I’ve come to realize is that… when your schedule is SO BUSY, you just don’t have the patience and time to play/do anything in FFXI. I’m so busy that I don’t even have time to read anything about FFXI so.. when I get on, there’s really nothing productive I can do. Everything in FFXI requires your huge amount of time dedication. BTW, wtf 3 expansion? SE needs cash? LOL

I used to love FFXI, the challenge that it proposes on you but I’ve come to realize when you have a completely filled-up schedule IRL, you just don’t have the time and PATIENCE to figure things out. In WoW, I just download QuestHelper of Carbonite and… I’m golden, can do a quest when I even have 30 minutes. Which is why I’m taking so long to get to Lv75 (while everyone are already 80 in WoW). I can’t even deplete my rest bar (exp ring) in WoW… that’s how slow I’m leveling.

Also, I guess since I’ve started MMO 5 years ago, I’m kinda tired of leveling/grinding/exping. At least I’m not grinding Lv1-75 in FFXI (which is hell). Lv70-80 is doable… doesn’t seem long (although it is lol…)

So yea, this post will be about my WoW adventure and Wrath of the Lich King, which is pretty amazing!

Parachute, WoW

Got shot down during Aerial Combat!

Wrath of the Lich King

Everyone knew the last WoW Expansion (The Burning Crusade TBC), Green and common (NQ items in FFXI) from the expansion can beat HQ items in the previous expansion right away. In Wrath of the Lich King, its still the same but it doesn’t replace everything instantly. Slowly I must say. Items start getting replaced around Lv74. Oh well, it lasted for awhile :D

Wrath takes place in Nothrend, which is the Xarcabard/Uleguerand Range (Thanks Etain ^_^). It’s definitely got some nice setting for sure. Oh also, nice sexy Blood Elves (by Strawberrie now at PaperSealFury).

Everything are just the same IMO, well at least so far. Got some quite interesting quest such as aerial combat, air to ground bombing, eating human corpse with rats (read the side of the SS, you’d understand what I had to do haha).

Exping wise.. wow it was like non-human for the first day. Everyone just go Exping and try to rush to 80. It reminds me of the “NPC BC fight lineup” if you all remember! Everywhere is full of people.

Oh I found Aerith from FFVII in WoW :O! Selling flowers =P You can’t miss it, its in Dalaran (the new Whitegate of WoW, minus the Auction House)

Brings me to the next topic, Dalaran!

Dalaran, WoW

City of Dalaran, WoW WotlK

The City of Dalaran

Dalaran is so nice, it reminds me of Disney World’s magic kingdom.

Beats Whitegate for sure…

With such a freaking nice video-game night-sky of Dalaran, Blizzard made Dalaran a restricted airspace. No flying units on top. Its like thank god, we don’t have people AFKing above the sky now. Shattrath was like that, and was pretty annoying especially the flapping sound of wings… Everyone have to cab up to the capital of Dalaran.

Here’s another great shot of Dalaran.

This was actually suppose to be an alliance city, but I don’t know what happened, but its now welcoming the Horde too. So us stinky Horde got to crowd this city with the filthy Alliance!

There’s a great story behind the city of Dalaran, so here it is if you want to read up on it.

DaggyInk, Daggy

WoW’s Parrying Skill Equilvalent

WoW Achievements

Remember the FFXI Achievement Points that we have at the AH? Well WoW now have it in their expansion. But unlike FFXIAH, which only have access to basic info such as Level and Craft stats (officially of course), Blizzard have access to them all. They took achievement points and brought it to the next level.

Beside me is the Achievement pane in WoW. Its not just purely on “getting loot”. Like the other day, after beating up an alliance, if you /hug on their dead body, you get 10 achievement points! LOL

A few other funny one includes:

  • Looting 1000g (Its kinda like farming 1m in FFXI just from mob drops)
  • Beating a 90+ roll with a 99 on an Epic item (think of it beating a 990 random with a 999) LOL
  • Fall down high enough without dying (here’s a SS of me remaining with “pixel” of HP). I got it by accident too.
  • Knuckle Sandwich (Kinda like grinding Parrying in FFXI, the one on the right).

Wouldn’t it be nice if they announce your name when you complete a relic to the whole server? I think that’s worth an achievement. You can filter it but I think it’d make a lot of people motivated to try to achieve things just for that message haha!

That’s it for Wrath of the Lich King! ZOMG logging in to play :D I just wish SE would improve that FFXI LS Community page.. but oh well, probably won’t happen. And now they are releasing 3 more expansion. Probably short of cash? hehe!~

In fact, you can see everyone’s Achievements and even WEALTH at the WoW Armory! Damn, no more secrets! You can even compare! Take Etain and I for example =)

Well hope you enjoy the read! =)

7 Responses to “WoW: Ding Lv75 Hunter :D!~”

  1. Etain says:

    Grats on 75, almost there! :D My priest just ding’d 69 last night (and I have enough rested exp to take me past 70…), but I’m thinking I’m not going to rush into Northrend with her- gonna do as many quests in Outland as I can before I move on (I wish more people were around in Nagrand/Halaa… I want a Talbuk :(). I might take a break and get my DeathKnight 7 more levels to 70 as well, before moving ahead! XD

    LOL at the comparison! I seem to fly around a LOT more than you… XD

    EDIT: LOL, just compared achievements with you… its my 80 vs. your 81! XD

  2. Maiev says:

    I’ll go get a haircut tonight for an easy +10 =) lawl but thanks for the tip! Writing materials XD

    Hurr focus on your main char and stop lvling like 10 other toon at the same time :D

  3. Pyra says:

    I’m not sure how accurate the stats are. Many of them (even in-game) are incorrect (I had around 20 picked pockets, as a mage, for a long time).

    Even if you compare all of us,Gurubashi,Ner'zhul&n=Sydonia,Majeev,Binya

    Combat->Largest heal cast, mine shows as over 100K. Again, as a mage. The rest of that may or may not be accurate.

    I also have some 2v2 and 3v3 arena kills, despite having never actually done arena.

    Have you done the Dragonblight story quests yet? Those are amazing, and a lot of fun.

  4. Etain says:

    It’s not 10, it’s just my Priest (69) and my Death Knight (63)! And okay, I *may* have been leveling inscription on my lowbie Shaman (10) last night… and I might have been gathering herbs on my Druid (33) too… ¬_¬

    Okay, so that’s 4. Not counting my 17 Rogue and 11 Pally I have on a different server, of course.

    Hm. I may have an alt-leveling problem… x_X;

  5. Maiev says:

    Well they implemented the achievement recently (just before expansion) so there was probably a lot of missing puzzles / data. I certainly did Raids (karazhan/gruul) and it appears 0. I did Areans too and its also not there, so its not an entirely complete/fair accomplishment gauge but at least its fun to look at for sure :)

    I did quite a lot of dragonblight quest :O its really fun like u said, especially those aerial attack quests :)

    Hope you’re not getting corpse-camped. I hate it too for sure, but oh well, some people just don’t know what’s mutual respect. Ganking me while I’m exping is a common one and gay. (Makes me wanna kill lowbie allies when I see them, as a horde)

  6. Calaera says:

    Too bad I had to temporarily cancel my WoW account because of money issues. D; I started to get into leveling hunter again after so long, but I guess it will just have to wait…. again.

  7. Maiev says:

    :/ Hunter FTW, even my Flight Instructor started WoW as a hunter LOL! Its good fun but yea, if you have to pick between two, pick FFXI (unless you’re sick of it!)

    Good luck with FFXI k? :)


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