Shaya’s Bedroom Cleanup!

Freaking epic room clean for sure!

Someone’s bedroom ‘.’

Freaking epic… wow seriously, if I didn’t know this person, I’d think this person just camp HNM for life. Well I’ve seen worse (my friend Eeto’s bedroom is quite bad, full of Pepsi cans). SohJai’s bedroom is actually very clean :O! Tazo’s okay clean for a not-so-hardcore FFXi player. But this one on the right, wow, well at least this ls member cleaned it up!

I’m glad at least this ls member took a day off Duck events to fix up that room. =)

Feel free to guess who it is. If you are correct, that person will contact you in ffxi =) else that person won’t respond :)

3 Responses to “Shaya’s Bedroom Cleanup!”

  1. Kimiko says:

    Hehehehe, that kinda resembles how my room looks at this point (the before pic at least). Guess I should clean up the mog house once in a while.

  2. Maiev says:

    Haha Kimiko!~ You got to post something like that when you clean yours up :)

    And OMG my twin finally drop a message ^_^; Thanks :D I think I have every single one of your sig if not all :) its nicely done haha (and its same model as mines ^_^)

  3. Sofo says:

    Damn… that’s some severe cleaning, haha. I generally stuff everything inside lockers/drawers so there’s an apparent sense of order… until I open one of them. :D


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