Taru Binders!

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TaruTaru Binders

Random Creation

Was packing for my move (in ~ 5days), saw like years of school work lying around … in a big pile of paper so I was like.. fuk it lets get organize. If I just toss it in a box, I know I’ll never go back to them again for sure.. whereas if its more organize, I could look back into them should I need some knowledge later on in life :D

So I went to get some binders, dividers and Hard Matte Paper… render a few MaiTalu and made side labels for those binders. It turned out pretty nice in the end xD

I was going to do the Index Pages.. but meh.. not THAT necessary.

I think I spent more time making those labels than the actual packing themselves >.> I should get back to my packing… else I won’t have it packed in-time :3

And yea… you don’t see me making WoW characters and such. I guess its just that I have a little bit more emotional attachment to Maiev than Majeev and… FFXI’s character model (like.. quality wise) is way better than WoW’s model :D

Back to packing!

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