Its Cloudstah’s Birthday today!

Cloudstah Birthday, FFXI, 3ds, Rendering, Maiev, Fenrir

Cloudstah’s Bday card. (Click for large version)

I know… like 99% of the people who reads this doesn’t know him… but he’s our almighty Salvage co-leader! He… leads our Salvage runs! He’s also a cool guy during non-salvage hours. To me, Cloud’s only got one thing in mind, Salvage! So I made him a little e-card for his Birthday lol… to describe him. iSalvage onry!

*grin, too cheap to send him a real one*

Some of you might see more, some might see less, other will see it as plain encouragement for Cloud!

Picture includes: Fatty Cloud, Shunzi, Istari, Tazo and dead Mai.

Anyway, Happy Birthday :) Hope all Mai wishes come true!

2 Responses to “Its Cloudstah’s Birthday today!”

  1. Sakurakun says:

    where’s me @_@;?

  2. Sakurakun says:

    oh happy birthday mr. stah =P


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