New Years Wishes and Goals for Sakurakun!

After playing WHM for almost 2 years I still feel my whm is incomplete. there’s several things i still want for my whm:


the templar mace is pretty good in conjunction with the numinous shield. but i probably wont get the templar mace until i can get some time to get hellknight to craft me a sign numinous shield =O!

�Head Pieces:

I already got the two pieces for the Healer’s cap +1. I’m just wondering if i should save my DH ABCs credits for a musical earring or to get my whm head piece. the marduk’s tiara looks really nice to have for show on my whm, but it benefits my brd more. so i’m not in a rush to get it.

Neck Piece:

this piece looks absolutely nice for whms. but unfortunately it has 40 HP to MP…which really stinks cuz tarutaru HP. It’ll probably bring my HP down to 760s i think? =/ i might pass on this.
�Body Pieces:

this is probably gonna be the most expensive piece to get. i’m currently 2/3 on salvage pieces to complete it. i’m just missing the 25 arrapago remnant =/. it’ll eventually drop. yes i do have the gil to buy the imperial wootz ^_^”. this piece is probably more relevant for my bard than my whm.



ROFL…never in a million years will i ever get this. but they’re certainly worth to dream about ^_^


yar i know i can buy the cape off the AH. But i want my own signed cape w/ my crafts. currently a 84.6 or something clothcraft.

i think other ppl think that this cape is better…i’m not sure what to think. i have a lot of DH points, but i think i rather have a sign piece i made for sentimental values. =)


one of the last whm relic piece to get. i dont think i’ll get this any time soon or year. we dont do dynamis-quifim too often. and now i’m third in prio for this piece =(.� so sad now T_T

this drops only in dynamis-quifim too. same thing as above.

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