Should FFXIAH Integrate Twitter?

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Twittering for FFXIAH?!

Tweeting the AH

Twitter is a pretty weird place. For normal people, they’d tweet while they are in washroom taking a good dump, cutting hair, finish brushing their teeth, what they ate or more normal stuff like I’m shopping at XYZ, reading YYZ and meeting up with ZZZ tonight.

Anyway… well Tweeting in FFXI is actually a little bit better :D You tweet when you’re waiting amazingly bored while Dynamis start, completed a quest, got a drop, ding a level. It sounds pretty healthy tweeting.

There’s actually quite a community on Twitter related to FFXI. You can treat it like “talking in shouts”, but the difference is, you subscribe to the shouts that you like rather than forcing you to read them. There’s quite a lot of Japanese too. Not that I know how to read it anyway but it’s there.

So I brought up the idea to Scragg about integrating Twitter with FFXIAH.

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Twitter Integrated to FFXIAH! (Just example)

Twittering Integrated to Profile

For those that uses Facebook, your “status” appears right beside your name. Well, the AH could do something similar :D It’d be like something on the right. So it makes each person’s profile a little more personalized :D Tweet can be parsed so just like there’s a tab for equipment, maybe there could be one for twitter to show all recent activities.

Twitter also offers a quick way to notify LS member. You cannot post on forums on the go, but a lot of people could tweet on the go via mobile phone texting. For those that’s got a smartphone, they can even tweet on the go, informing their LS member that they are a little busy, a little late for stuff. Twitter already got all that setup so for the AH, it’s just the matter of integrating it.

Friends Timeline on Twitterberry

Perhaps a summary page like this one?! (This is Mai BB Version)

Summarize all your friends’ activity on a page.

I use Twitter for FFXI too, and sometimes you find interesting stuff people do. I have Twitter on my BlackBerry(BB) and it summarize all my friends’ activity in a chronological order (kinda like the Feeds in Facebook).

Twitter and AH

One thing remains is… Twitter is voluntary. You need to submit your username to FFXIAH (well at least that’s how I see it being implemented) in order to have it start feeding your status. Of course, you might be required to tweet a specific number like verifying character in order to add it in, so you aren’t tweeting other people’s stuff. AH can set that only friends can see status, so like those people that you add on FFXIAH are the ones that are able to see them (well, of course, they are on your Friend List (Some might have Twitter account that is mixed with both E-Life and RL). While Login, you can get a list of what all your friends are doing and definitely a good way to see what you miss in terms of events or fun stuff while you were away! I think its all win win!

What do You Think?

I submitted the idea to Scragg :D we talked over it and he’s thinking about it. What do you think about the idea? You personally like it? or is it going over the borders. AH should stay as AH :D?!

12 Responses to “Should FFXIAH Integrate Twitter?”

  1. Anexia says:

    Very nifty idea! I don’t think it’s going over the borders — it’s not like people will HAVE to do it, or that they’ll get spammed with tweets. Just a way to make things more personal for people who want to *^^*

    And lol at my price goof-up posted as an image, hehe~

  2. Etain says:

    Oh god… that may be the final straw to suck me into Twitter. *Darth Vader voice* Nooooooooooo!

  3. Maiev says:


    Yea what I was thinking, there’s no harm but all to gain :D plus hehe might get more visits too just to stalk Anexia :)

    and yea lol SS XD

  4. Maiev says:


    I don’t know who Darth Vader is, but I’d take an Etain voice “nooooooooo!” XD

  5. Shaya says:

    Maiev: “I don’t know who Darth Vader is”



  6. Etain says:

    Seriously. I don’t think I can talk to him anymore after that comment. :P

  7. Maiev says:


  8. Maiev says:


    Thanks for your embarrassment too! You two just brought me a lot of embarrassment tells today on AIM!


  9. ClassicRed says:

    More facebook less Twitter D:

  10. Maiev says:


    TRYING but ugh… I got RestaurantCity to lv27, bored now lol

  11. Cai says:

    I like your ideas for implementation and uses for Twitter, but as it is Twitter is such a huge source for random junk “this apple pie smells okay” updates that I see things going badly after it takes off just from people straying away from informational or useful tweets. lol The forums are so spazzy and knee-jerk reactionary as it is that I just imagine the worst. :O

  12. Verohawke says:

    Twiiittttter !! :-)

    Just implement it and add an option to turn it off on off and … On ? ^_^/


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