Lalafella customization now available?!

Lalafell FFXIV Race Customization

Customizing Mai Future Lalafella, now with Rainbow Highlights!

No, not the in-game one :D but the one that people provide in PSD. Obviously there were some really bored people and started doing crazy things with the “few” shots that’s provided by Square-Enix. My favorite one gotta be the rainbow highlights. Then you have chocolate Miqo’te. Anyway before I scare the hell out of everyone, you can read the rest and get the PSD from FFXIVBlog. (And yes, I write those entries too!)


Going slow, working with the FFXIAH team, we have quite a “plan” for that blog, but for now just blogging the way I usually do it – randomly linking and posting funny stuff. Not really an “official website” reporter type of stuff. But writing two blogs are kinda hard :D, especially how each blog takes some time to make it pretty / formatting stuff. I’ll be posting here and there.

FFXI Updates?

Hehe yea, somehow got it running offline with no NPC, I’m like bumming around understanding the mechanics behind the game more. Well of course no mobs either, so level 1 taru is ok!

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