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Moogle Shoes!


I’m sleeping with my Kraken Club every night. I thought about it, if someone comes in trying to rob me, Ima wack that Club right into his head. I’d make it occasionally swing 8-8 times. I just love the Kclub prop.

While I’m still in love with Mai RL Kclub, I also want a LOL Taru Shoes. I’ve contacted the dude who makes these customized shoes, and he told me a few things.

  1. A pair comes up to roughly $250 USD, doesn’t include shipping.
  2. From start to finish, roughly 3 weeks!
  3. The stuff is all hand-painted, not a sticker.
  4. People actually wear these.
  5. The materials used, according to his years of research. Will be durable, provided you don’t really try to ruin / scratch it off.

Though I’d like a pair of black sneakers, with a white Mandragora and possibly a little taru =P At a price of 250, it’s quite steep. However, a new pair of shoes is due… so maybe :O

Anyway, if you wanna make your own, or just wanna browse around, here’s the website. Here’s the original article on Kotaku.

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FFXIV Fan Art Frontpage!

FFXIV FanArt & Curse Network

So for those that do or doesn’t know, I’ve been working on FFXIVBlog and FFXIVFanart, hence the lack of time to even write an entry anymore. It’s been quite busy in general, adding in Real Life – totally lack of time. Despite all this busy-bee stuff, I still got time to Twitter my gaming and even 2box a little FFXI with Jowah.

Anyway, while I was working on these projects, we got an email from… asking for an alliance / joining up with Curse with FFXIV FanArt. Curse Network, which is a really big Windower-type website for WoW, provides people a place to download add-ons. Sponsored by Venture Capitalists, it was really temping but the result would probably be surrender control. But for all that, probably good monetary reward O.o

A good example is FF 14 Core’s website. They are on Curse network.

We thought about it, and in the end just said no. Although it was probably a pretty good opportunity, but we don’t think Curse was a good fit for us, nor we are a good fit for them. We are attracting the Artist community, or at least trying to build one and we really don’t see how Curse will even offer anything good or help from it. Plus, I like working with FFXIAH staff anyway :) They are really good help, especially how I’m a noob in web and stuff. I basically only know how to extract PHP =P Like other famous board admin anyway :D plus a little to get around lawl.

Anyway, so that’s it for now. I’ll post as I get more funnie stuff :D I twitter a lot now, takes no effort to blog and I can do it on a Crackberry. So feel free to follow Mai Twitter :D

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  1. Sumny says:

    Wow, those are some awesome moogle shoes!

  2. Maiev says:


    Too bad he’s too busy now, and I don’t have a design in my head for a Moogle Shoe :D Else I’d get one too! I need a new pair of sneaker :D


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