Aion – Original Sound Track (OST)

Maiev, Aion

Maiev trying out Aion!

Aion OST/Original Sound Track

Other post will follow up, but thought I’d like to share a link to the original sound track of Aion – Tower of Eternity’s Sound Track.

It is beautiful :)

You don’t have to like Aion to like the Sound Track. =)

Here’s the link to the download (FTP).

Here’s a few that I really like :)

Aion – Main Theme (Login, similar to FFXI’s Vana’diel March)
[audio:’s Main Theme (Login).mp3]

Aion – Kingdom of Light (Character Creation Music)

Aion – Forgotten Sorrow (Similar to Distant Worlds in FFXI, Vocalized)

Lyrics of Forgotten Sorrow in English:

Don’t cry for me, how easy love has gone.
Try to see, how deep my despair is.
Come winds of fate and time, take all my tearful memories.

Call out to thee, sing your name in sweet harmony,
but only the echoes fade away.

Crying breeze to thee every moment with chiming wind,
where has the silent tears.

Don’t sigh for me, your fate rings false to me,
Try to see the shards of history.
Darkness fills my heart and I’m, laughing loud on all that’s passed us by.

Call out to thee, sing your name in sweet harmony,
the wind blows endlessly.

Roaming around whirly world, rough breath in dark,
cruel blades and tears in sorrowful days.

Burning away hollow hopes, wrong pray for God,
where have the angels so gone so I need,
weep myself out gently, in a blight.

*Repeat Chorus

Please come to me, come dusk the past will flee,
try to see the new dawn what brings hope faintly.

I hope you enjoy the Aion OST :) (Oh yea, you don’t have to play Aion >.> to listen to music lol)

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  1. Lyali says:

    I looooves me some musics. Thanks Mai~!

  2. Stefan says:

    Thanks a lot ! You made my fucking day <3

  3. polypoly says:

    Thx so much!
    I loved this music tracks :)


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