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Penta Thrust Classy’s Butt! (Exp)

Exp Party So I was exping! I wanted to take some cool screenshot so I can write up my “Polearm” experience @ the Greater Colibri camp. Therefore, everytime I do a Penta Thrust, I press the “Screenshot” button! Anyhow, so I was looking through them and I realize most of the screenshot was… was Penta […]

Galka Boots and Some Parrying Action!

I beat this one in.. 1993? 14 years after I play the game. Surprisingly, some of the puzzle was still up in my mind, meaning I still have a rough idea of how to solve it :O Anyhow, some “screenshot of my DS” with my DC :O Oh yea :o Rora was playing Zelda with […]

Taru Group Nuke! Parrying and Much More!

Enjoyin every second of a dead TaruTaru. So I’ve ding 75, starting to merit again (Finally). So far I haven’t really been seeking. Its mostly LS party but I’m up if anyone’s interested to party with a Gimped sam (without Haidate/DA earring) buttttt…. I can outparse Glimpse :) (DA earring / Haidate) Speaking of Haidate, […]

More Parrying & BabySam Talk!

A picture to start the post :)… so far highest Gekko for Lv74 Unmerited :) An urge to play I suppose… I just felt like parrying stuff all day long so ya… either I was at the Thickets, or at Boyahda Tree… I did nothing else literally.. but parry mobs. My goals in this game […]

Capped Throwing / More Parrying

Capping all Weapon Isn’t easy :) Throwing is one of it. But I just go skillup whenever I feel like playing :) The shit thing about this is… you get no new weapon skills unlike regular weapons. At least you get Wheeling Thrust (although you can’t use it!) Plusss its a 6 sec delay weapon… […]