Penta Thrust Classy’s Butt! (Exp)

Exp Party

So I was exping! I wanted to take some cool screenshot so I can write up my “Polearm” experience @ the Greater Colibri camp. Therefore, everytime I do a Penta Thrust, I press the “Screenshot” button! Anyhow, so I was looking through them and I realize most of the screenshot was…

Penta Thrust right into Classicred's Butt, FFXI Maiev of Fenrir
Penta Thrust right into Classicred's Butt, FFXI Maiev of Fenrir

was Penta Thrusting her butt. I didn’t intend to use Classic’s but for Butt-er-tainment. It just turned out that way o_O

Its kinda hard to explain but… there’s a reason! (If you’re willing to read on).

Samurai has a Tier2 Job Trait call Overwhelm, meaning when you perform WS face-to-face to a mob, you get 15% (5% each merit upgrade) on your WS damage. Since Classic was keeping good hate, most of the time the mob was facing her so I had to go behind her and WS (while still facing the mob), so I had like 20 screenshot of me Penta Thrusting her butt -.-

But next time when you see Samurai going infront of mobs and do WS, you’d know because they had Overwhelm merits.

Classicred and I dates back awhile ago (probably 1.5 years), when she will sell her Pigeon’s Blood Ruby to me directly :) I was making good profits (7m for Pigeon’s Earring +1 O.O) and she was my exclusive supplier (she lives @ Sea Grotto all day). I’d hunt her daily for those rubies :). But one thing I never knew was Classic’s a girl ‘-‘ until I got on Magitek’s vent hoping to hear Etain yell when she got her Manteel, but guess she was shy ‘-‘.

Ok, enough of Buttertainment.

Btw, this is what happens when your healer *ahem Didgist* disconnects during a thickets party.

Penta Thrust right into Classicred's Dead Butt, FFXI Maiev of Fenrir
Penta Thrust right into Classicred's Dead Butt, FFXI Maiev of Fenrir

._. whole party go eat dirt! Ok, real business

Exp Party – Samurai & Polearms

/w Classicred

I don’t know if anyone tried it, but it rocks! I use Polearms in 3 parties. For the party I had with Classicred, I was using the 5 parrying polearm. The parser turned out pretty good! I had pure accuracy (+62) gear on (anything you can find on AH that’s got accuracy), 1 Acc song 1 Minuet (Tazo’s minuet is 5/5 though). 77% Accuracy ‘-‘ not too shibby for a Colibri camp. I “spam” meat though because it was a cheap solution of eating food. So looking at the parser, I was rocking out with an average of 128 damage per hit with polearm, crits for 231 on average (Crit % is 12.33%). My melee damage is certainly not too bad (versus Classic’s melee dmg), but I made my damage up via Meds and Penta Thrust.

/w Paladins

Expin with Tazo on Maiev's Taru Samurai, FFXI Fenrir
Elagost, Vikins, Burtac and Maiev exping with Colibri, FFXI Maiev of Fenrir

I know Paladin tank -.-, anyhow! For today’s experiment, I changed my polearm to Stone-Splitter. This weapon is like the Blau Dolch but the Polearm version. Looking at the Parser, I rocked again :). The 5 STR Loss from the Parrying Polearm was overcome by the 20 attack from this polearm’s hidden effect. Accuracy was further increased as you see from parser :) My average hit, average Crit and WS average didn’t go up so its safe to assume this polearm was generally better. (Still same songs)

LOL Exp Party!

/w WTF setup.

2x thf/war, sam/war, lv71 drk/sam, bard, rdm.

You see something’s wrong? No /nin rofl :) Go see it for yourself :3

And it wasn’t crap (because I’m in it duh!), well no, but hay, we had Chain 27 (in the video, kinda smudged up though)

Not too surprised that I got rocked out in the parser :3 I didn’t spam meat though simply because I was 24/7 tanking so even 3 stacks of Meat wouldn’t save my damage T.T, plus TP drain too. As you can see, we had some crap lolDrk too and the party was still running. Making good exp party isn’t really rocket science anymore imo.

Maiev and Tazo both got a Merit Together, FFXI DuckHUNT Of Fenrir
Maiev and Tazo both got a Merit Together, FFXI DuckHUNT Of Fenrir

And got lotta merits :)

Maiermal’s Side Adventuring

Daily routine… blowing up Maiermel’s exp ring :)

Maiev and Ciermel at sea Farming Aern Organs,, DuckHUNT of Fenrir

These aern’s are usually pretty easy, 4 nuke dead aern but… when its a Paladin type.. it can be very gay, such as resisting massive sleeps with state of the art 342 enfeebling skills ._. (/w INT merits too, AND I’m a taru…)

Picking up a bit on Parrying again too… hopefully cap soon xD!

Maiev's Parrying Skillup on Taru Samurai, Parry FFXI StrategiesMaiev's Parrying Skillup on Taru Samurai, Parry FFXI Strategies

End of today’s post, getting tired (6am T.T)

Did you know?

That if you dispel Blaze Spikes on Aerns @ Caedarva Mire, they will try to recast it again? This means if it doesn’t have the spikes, chances are the next spell will be recasting Blaze Spikes on himself? (it means less chances of Thundaga II!).

I thought it was just me (from soloing over 40 merits with Imps), but talking to a few other bards, they feel the same too :) Anyhow, to finish off…

Daggy Comic

Reminds me of Jowah and most bards (Except Tazo =P, she dinged into Manteels).

Daggy's Comic, FFXI Fanart Drawing by LovelyDagger

6 Responses to “Penta Thrust Classy’s Butt! (Exp)”

  1. ClassicRed says:

    Yay for dead mithra’s >:o \^^/ good reading again >.o even if my butt was the first topic :P

  2. Maiev says:

    Butt-er-tainment :)

  3. Jonpaule says:

    man I am an idiot, I typed out a nice post then forgot to put in recast time on Chainspell in minutes.

    Anyway, found this site while looking for Naruto related things and it bought back fond memories for me. I am happy to see you all still playing and having fun. One day I might come back still unsure.

    Take care Love Jp

    ex The Light Warriors 75 Bard, incase I have been gone to long :(

  4. Maiev says:


    I never expected an old-school bard like you to still remember me&ffxi rofl :) Thought you quit for good. I still remember you as one of those early 75 NA bards :) Old-school stuff.

    I do have screenshot all the way back to TLW days, I should kinda keep backward posting so I kinda have my history written out :)

    Nice seeing you aroind :O

  5. Jowah says:

    Ahaha I’ve seen that daggy pic in DA! (watching her there, huh!)
    As smn, that body-switching didnt touch meh!

    ……telling you again, you mad skillin up parry.

  6. Didgist says:

    Mwauahaha Killed you all!


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