Galka Boots and Some Parrying Action!

I beat this one in.. 1993? 14 years after I play the game. Surprisingly, some of the puzzle was still up in my mind, meaning I still have a rough idea of how to solve it :O Anyhow, some “screenshot of my DS” with my DC :O

Beating Zelda Again!

Oh yea :o Rora was playing Zelda with me too :O He… had to be totally buffed and geared b4 he goes to the boss… me.. I just walk in rofl :O, the right side is Roranora’s gear, left is mines >.> pretty gimped.

Anyhow, Mai Accomplishment!

First of all, ddi you know Galka had Bewbs? HQ ones too :D

Taru and Galka Boobs, Awesome Screenshot in FFXI

So other accomplishments…

Sam WSNM! I tried to soro but rofl, wasn’t prepared so wutever. So much effort to try again so.. got an army here and rape it :D

Samurai FFXI, WS NM

Thanks to Sakura and Connie :) So I can get Mai…

Impulse Drive from Taru Samurai, Maiev FFXI of Fenrir

Impulse Drive WS! Just another WS to make SC :o

Randomly got a parry skillup too :O bringing up to a Wopping 230 :)

Parrying Skillup, 230, FFXI Parrying Skill

And capping my GKT too :)

Capping Great Katana in FFXI, Maiev

Exp Parties

Had been picking up nice parties :3 I mean… I’m pretty gimped, no Haidate, no DA earring… but at least I was able to see Chain 59.. meaning I wasn’t a burden :D

Chain 59 Imps Camp, FFXI Maiev

I did plan to make a Chain 500+ parties before I blow my merits again :3, gotta fine tune my rdm so I have the MP to sustain :3 …

Owning Glimipse

I’ve also partied with Glimpse! :D At first I was afraid… man.. he’s got /giltoss too, buys Haidate and DA earring so with those 2 pwnage item, he’s also using all the item I crafted for him (for a high price) thought I was going to get served but…

I ended up outparsing Glimpse when he had DA & Haidate. He got served by a Baby Samurai with -no merits what so ever- :D

Like a lot of people say, its not the gear that counts, its the player behind the keyboard :) Sorry Glimpse :( Gimped unmerited Haidate DA Earring-less Sam Outparsed one that was merited with those gear :3


Stuff I should have posted awhile ago but never did… so here it is.. a full drop from Jailer of T

Jailer of Temperance in DuckHUNT, Maiev and Tazo of Fenrir

Can’t miss out Taru bard getting beat up! The cost of doing 5 CHR merits! rofl :)

Jailer of Temperance, Dead Tazo, Maiev FFXI of Fenrir

Ok enough for now, more update next time hehe.

Amazing Azns! :)

Oh yea :) Old school SS on Rora’s bucket, Unbreakables + SM (UBSM)’s 1st Tiamat :O. Actually felt a sense of accomplishment :)

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4 Responses to “Galka Boots and Some Parrying Action!”

  1. Calaera says:

    ;-; Poor Taru BRD… not only did they die, but then ended up having their butt violated.

  2. Maiev says:

    Taru’s butt are made to be violated :D!!

  3. raidenn says:

    That pic with the galka is just sooooo wrong….

  4. Maiev says:

    hhaha ;) I think so too xD but shooo cute @ the same time


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