Taru Group Nuke! Parrying and Much More!

SohMui, SohJai, Maiev, Dead Tazo, Stomp in Exp Parties, Colibri, Bhaflau Thickets, Taru Party

Enjoyin every second of a dead TaruTaru.

So I’ve ding 75, starting to merit again (Finally). So far I haven’t really been seeking. Its mostly LS party but I’m up if anyone’s interested to party with a Gimped sam (without Haidate/DA earring) buttttt…. I can outparse Glimpse :) (DA earring / Haidate)

Speaking of Haidate, was messin around with Quarking, 5m w. Honestly, 5m isn’t really that bad, considering the manpower needed to fight Byakko, and the shitty drop. But nah, I’d rather buy some goodies for fwen. Saving up for something cool :)


Group Piccture with the TaruTaru Girls, Sakurakun, Destroyplanets, Maiev, Tazo and Ciermel, FFXI of Fenrir

Kinda… farming Traps for those lolPumps. I think we’ve play too much Salvage. The image of “passing” was burned into Tazo’s head. So when we got her trap, she instantly passed it like a n00B, we all did too so we lost it, and didnt drop for the next 1hr w, emo antlion :) but at least I had fun :O just nuking Too-Weaks :D

Girl TaruTaru all nuking together in Sheep the Antlion Clothing BC, Sakurakun, Destroyplanets, Maiev, Tazo and Ciermel, FFXI of Fenrir

Then of course, the actual NM :O Was relatively smooth :O Let SohMui tank a bit, to get some hand-on experience with tanking non-exp mobs :)

Rosturm Pumps NM, Alaster Antlion, Attohwa Chasm FFXI

6 Pumps that night ^_^ yay for people.

FFXI DuckHUNT LS, Jailer of Faith, Maiev and Amethyst of Fenrir

13 man faith… a messy one… a long one… rofl w

Terrorized by Fafnir, maiev of Fenrir FFXI

Freeze!!! Picture time for Fafnir :O (aka Terrorized)

Jailer of Justice, Maiev, AlTaieu, Bubian and Abominus, DuckHUNT of Fenrir FFXI

And finally popping some Justice, hoping for a Torque to drop.. but as usual… nufffin….

Samurai Parrying!

Ding a bit, not too much but lookie! Gekko WS actually looks pretty nice in slow motion!

2boxing Samurai and Parry Skillup, Maiev on Taru Samurai, FFXI of Fenrir, Boyahda Tree

I just farted and it stinks irl :< mmkay lets keep going.

Dinnng 229 parrying! 46 level more from my goal!

Parrying 229 Skillup, Boyahda Tree, Steelshell, Maiev FFXI of Fenrir

>.>, Eda’s new farming business (after the Rabao fishing)

So near the end is where I attach my emo talks now. Ya I mean if you know me, I haven’t been posting regularly. That’s cuz I had so much emoz to deal with. Its all past now. But it really went to a stage that I almost quit for WoW. But thanks to Vryali, guiding me and hinting me how to really run a linkshell… similar to Magitek. Its not easy … and his talks really motivates me to do even a better job. Okay, kinda tired, so goin /throwtable and to end! New month, new start :) Welcome to April, the month of Exams for Canadian Universities

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5 Responses to “Taru Group Nuke! Parrying and Much More!”

  1. Jowah says:

    You suck. Don’t dare to escape on wow, you suck.
    Mai can’t play wow, or he will suck. You can’t leave FFXI ;_;

    Despite everything, i’m saying this with my heart.

  2. Jowah says:

    I hope it’s a belated april’ fool joke.

  3. Talisien says:


    :'( Don’t make a fellow Tarutaru cry

  4. Maiev says:

    <3 Jowah, but Halls of Shame!!!! You fell for it :)

  5. Etain says:

    Vry really is a great guy, and likewise, ‘tek is a great shell. You really couldn’t have picked a better guy for your “mentor”. (‘_^b)


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