Capped Throwing / More Parrying

Capping all Weapon

Maiev's Throwing Skillup in FFXI, Fenrir Server

Isn’t easy :) Throwing is one of it. But I just go skillup whenever I feel like playing :)

The shit thing about this is… you get no new weapon skills unlike regular weapons. At least you get Wheeling Thrust (although you can’t use it!) Plusss its a 6 sec delay weapon… omg -.-

After capping throwing, I was going to cap Club on Blue Mage.. and guess what.. I’m a Kraken Club owner and guess how I’m skilling up Club skills…

Kraken Club owner skilling up with Warp Cudgel, Maiev FFXI of Fenrir

F-kin using Warp Cudgel while my Kclub is in Mai inventory, Good Game ^^

I also maxed out Polearm :)

Wheeling Thrust, Maiev's Taru Samurai of Fenrir, FFXI

As usual, I’ve been leveling Parrying :)

Maiev's Parrying Skillup on Taru Samurai, FFXI Fenrir Server

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