More Parrying & BabySam Talk!

Maiev's Tachi Gekko on Colibri for 1144, Taru Samurai of Fenrir FFXI

A picture to start the post :)… so far highest Gekko for Lv74 Unmerited :)

An urge to play I suppose… I just felt like parrying stuff all day long so ya… either I was at the Thickets, or at Boyahda Tree… I did nothing else literally.. but parry mobs.

My goals in this game is rather different from others. Its mostly soloing this someday, soloing that someday, duoing this with this or… trying to achieve an objective such as capped out parrying. Different types of people I guess :D

Having capped parrying on rdm, I might be able to do some fun stuff soon.. for now not sure :3. Was thinking of trying out short fights ‘-‘. I’d admire Avesta but seriously, his fight is too long for me to try :( Especially how I have to goto toilet every hour. (btw, his latest accomplishment is Seiryu ‘-‘). Anyhow.. ^^

Samurai TalkTime!

Sam 70+ = Time to get Kasha ^^ Broken latent by skill chaining with Cier with Kclub. Took roughly 4 hours but wasn’t bad at all. Could have been worse.

Maiev's FFXI Taru Samurai Leveling Progression, Taru F5B, Tachi Kasha WS

Fought the KSNM, was such a piece of crap and got my Tachi Kasha :o Oh yea :D whenever I see War Wamoura, it reminds me of flying =D! & a sweetie /wave to joo!

Ding to 72 (roughly a week ago)

Maiev's Parrying Skillup, Samurai Parrying at FFXI Fenrir

Its going up! Slowly… pretty sure the Ventrilo people know how hard it is to get a skillup. Weeber was like “dude you haven’t yell for awhile”, and yes, I pretty much yell everytime I get a skillup because its very.. I suppose.. one step closer to my goal.

Not shibby exp at all! Chain 4 for 313 exp. That was Lv.72 with Exp ring though.

Samurai's 2box Leveling, Killing Colibri for Lv72, Maiev Taru Samurai FFXI of Fenrir

Ya, I was using polearm. If the polearm can hit, its actually better damage than GKT. I wouldn’t use Polearm if most of the mobs are VT or higher. Colibri only though :D Polearm sucks in everything else :3 (loldrg)

Maiev's FFXI Parry Skillup, Taru Samurai of Fenrir

Colibri was not giving good exp due to all being decent challenge. So I swap to Steelshell for Lv.73 > Lv.74 Woot, even crabs wasn’t bad exp at all. Chain 4 for 280. Exp ring would push it up to 420 :)

Chain 4 Steelshell Parrying Skillup, Maiev's Taru Samurai of Fenrir, FFXI

A bit about Seigan

I was a bit wrong about how the probability of Seigan was predetermined when you first use 3rd eye. I’ve tried to fight Mourouche and it proved SE was right :D in their wording at least. Each time you anticpicate an attack, the probability of it wearing off is recalculated or “re-randomed”.

Assuming its 15% to wear off.

If the attack is faster, than the system got to random and hope it doesn’t hit the “wear off” percentage. I guess this is to prevent people abusing SAM as a tank on any fast-attack rate mobs :O (In case its time-based).

So I guess that average I got was for a monster that has an attack delay of 2400.

So is playing Samurai soloing from Lv.62 to Lv.73 boring so far?

Kind of, since its 40k exp, if each mob gives roughly 100 exp, that’s a nice 400 mobs to level.

Wanna see how a fight goes?

BUTTT, every 2hr I do have some fun :) Dinggg 73 (in the video)!

Hope you enjoy this Samurai reading!

Enough talks today. Now onto Prison Break Season II :)

5 Responses to “More Parrying & BabySam Talk!”

  1. jtaru says:

    solo samurai!? crazy :P

  2. Jowah says:

    Meh, soloing is boring. I really don’t know how you can do it :c
    Or at least it can be ok while you have a cool LS on (something I didn’t have while raising BST)

    You quickly passed my 66SMN, blaah ;;

  3. raidenn says:

    No food either since those are colibris. Must be a long fight every time. Lotta equipment changes there. Do you use a fowling earring?

  4. Maiev says:

    I don’t have too much trouble hitting with GKT, so i use diabolos and 6atk earring. After all it is a A+ Weapon for Sams :D But I should keep one of these in case of Colibri fights / Greater Colibri camps :O


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