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You would want to play FFXI more after watching GT’s FFXI Trailer!

Seriously… makes you wanna play FFXI after you watch this! Thx to my bf: Istari for this link!

I kicked someone from Mai Linkshell.

ASS KICK Removing my 1st LS Member from DuckHUNT I feel pretty… bad for executing power. By doing that, I made someone a sad panda. This is my first time exercise the power I have… since DH was created (8 months). I feel like I’ve taken a lot of burden out of many members. Some […]

Sea, Missions, 3ds and Duo’s!

Mini FFXI Updates. Not too much into productivity. Farming Organs, farming LB paper.. Limbo.. typical routine. CoP again ^_^ for Sakurakun~ Jeuno’s pretty nice heh, I always liked this battlefield. Too bad no BCNM is in it :) rofl ^^. When I’m bored… I just goto check server log and see what people’s querying to […]


As per Title! Mm hmm, I’m glad how stuff are in FFXI now. I can finally erm.. totally cut off my addiction to it. I can play.. or not play ^^. At least its not “forced to play” or “I feel bad not playing”. Unlike Ashiya who just doesn’t play lol. Nevertheless, at least I […]

/lsKick Emos

Finally an Onion post! Its been awhile I’ve done any blogging. I lost my habit somehow. But since Farkee wanted me to.. so I did! Well the reason I haven’t been blogging is mostly due to a busy school schedule! Stuff are near the end so lots and lots of stuff to do / hand […]