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Mm hmm, I’m glad how stuff are in FFXI now. I can finally erm.. totally cut off my addiction to it. I can play.. or not play ^^. At least its not “forced to play” or “I feel bad not playing”. Unlike Ashiya who just doesn’t play lol. Nevertheless, at least I see myself moving on in life :3 Gotta think about working soon. Well there’s a few choices I can make.. stay in this tiny town and work under the city government or… join up with my high-school friend where she already got a placement for me (Taiwan, to see Shamu/Timuru!) or… move to a big city then think about it there (Toronto). Kinda hard to choose… lets get moving because eventually, I’ll have that figured out!

Kimble FFXI, Retarded Idiot on Fenrir FFXI

A Picture!

Can people just be a bit more Honest?

But thank god ducks evaded this one. 3 weeks ago I roughly elaborate on Kimble. This dude claims he suddenly got a super change in “work schedule” and hence he can no longer show up to -any events- in the next few months. That’s a bit extreme if you ask me but it was possible so… ok I didn’t nag him but ask nicely if he just wants to drop the pearl, he was like nono he wants to join events but NO TIME!

Back then Kimble applied secretly through my PM. He got in like most people would… looked on our forum and saw “ohh, apparently the toys he listed requires quite a bit of work” –> 1 event peaced out. (Quit LS, never had pearl on, and shout for carby mitts during event times)

Coincidence? 1 event, peaced out? IMO he found out that putting work into getting loot is just too much for him! Just look at the post count. 1 post for joining, 1 post for leaving. He only posted once (cuz the SS above is private message) >.>

Now the kicker is… he applied to Omen secretly (Thanks Farkee for the heads up); probably didn’t post a public app because if people saw it, would have shit on him. Anyhow, his app

“I work regular day job and home around 3-4 to 12am EST”
“I have a job now and the schedule won’t allow me to attend any events” – Kimble to me.

Can you just be honest? So do you have a day job or not? Is your job that extreme that cause you to quit LS after 1 day? (You went to our 9pm Limbus). Are you PST or EST? Oh wait, our event is less than Omen’s (We only have 9-12pm EST events Mon, Thu and 1hr Limbus on Tue, Fri) but you can’t even handle DH’s… ok to HNM then!

Or are you just a loot whore.. People.. are…so…complex… Sorry he isn’t a cool kid to me.

Man.. my last 2 posts has been so Emo… okay whatever, its not like he’s applying to ducks, goin stop here and tell myself no more emo!

300 Movie Logo!


Was great! I was going to watch Zodiac due to a higher rating on Rotten Tomato but… since Scragg suggested it, my friend an I decided to watch 300 instead! 300 means the 300 soldiers or Spartans defending off a 20,000 man army. This is based on real history! In total, 4,000 Spartans defending off 2million Persian soldiers :)

The movie doesn’t really have too much character building, but more into the fight scenes. Lots of actions and blood.. but the blood was more like mud to me, the color at least. It focuses on strategic fighting so its showing you how smart and strategic formation can rape armies. Well its like FF. Number means nothing when they are all stupid. 6 smart players = 18 stupid players.

You can read more about the Sparten history here. Or specifally, about the war Thermopylae, which the movie is based on.

$70m box office over the weekend. Its THAT good! [Read more…]

Spoiler’s Alert: Best fight scenes in 300 here.

Howz Mai’s Blog doin?!

Not bad :3. A lot of my visitors came from Google which I don’t know why. Like every 10 referrals, 5 are from Google (worldwide). This is a total count of all stuff that is on the StarOnion server :) So Tazo and Ashiya’s blog is also included.

Thanks for erm.. I guess keeping us motivated to write, someone’s out there reading it hahaha. Well I get plenty of tells in-game so at least a few of them are on Fenrir server ‘-‘.

So what do people google to find me? Looking from the Google’s webmaster tools, here’s some of the few funny/popular ones

  • “maitalu staronion fenrir” (72 searches) – staronion is easier and shorter to type than that, so you must be… damn lazy to use your mouse or… staronion’s just too hard to type hahaha
  • “windower macros” (68 searches) – lol never knew it made it to the Google engine that quick =P
  • “Ashiya Mizuki” (42 searches) – I never knew it was an anime name until I search it myself lol :)
  • “how to stay awake in class” (6 searches) – wtf? lol, must be Connie’s creation…
  • “tazo sex video” (14 searches) – its already old news if you were in ducks linkshell, but yea lol…. No worry, there isn’t any Tazo’s sexy video on this server :) You won’t find it!
  • “ffxi abjurations buy” (1 search) – Um.. at least it doesn’t have the word Fenrir in it…
  • “ff action house”(1 search) – Okay! I guess Scragg needs to register that, apparently the word auction is pretty hard to type.

There’s other common ones like duckhunt, maiev blog, blue mage equipment guide etc… but those aren’t interesting to list.
I still have a few things I wanna write. I have one “secret” stuff to write atm, but after that, I’d like to write about how to use 3ds and finish up my bugbear video. Sigh so much to do.. so little time :3

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8 Responses to “lolKimble”

  1. jtaru says:

    dude, 6 smart players > 18 stupid players – ANY DAY

    but really, it’s so hard to NOT be great at this game… it’s totally lost it’s lustre to me unfortunately.

    i keep trying to come back for random shit but it never works out =

    at least when i’m doing end-game…

  2. Jowah says:


  3. Farkee says:

    you better not quit.. would be useless.. :(

  4. raidenn says:

    Wow didnt know you can use Wheeling Thrust as Sam…

  5. Leonida says:


  6. Maiev says:

    Reply to raidenn:

    no sam can’t use wheeling thrust. you can learn it but you can’t use it :D they just say that in the system message that you learned it though :D

    and damn everyone saw 300 too! :) good taste!

  7. Etain says:

    I saw 300 as well this weekend. Figure’d I’d hate it because of all the violence (and I was a bit put-off at the beginning by all the nipple shots… especially the teenage girl with like, 2 inch tall nipples o_O) but surprisingly, I liked it!

    I’m sure staring at half nekkid sweaty men for ~2 hours had nothing to do with the fact I liked it either… :x

  8. raidenn says:

    I didnt see it but I saw “The Host” this weekend. Its a korean monster movie and has a lot of good reviews. I was pretty much entertained. Check it out.


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